Academic Council

The Academic Council consists of clubs of an academic nature which allow students to meet other students of their major or interest of study. Academic clubs allow students to continue their learning outside of the classroom and network with professors and professionals, while participating in practical or simply fun events and programs that give students a break from their course load. Many Academic clubs often have guest speakers, aid in the preparation for graduate school or provide opportunities that will allow students to gain a competitive edge on their resume. Academic clubs also allow students to explore fields of study they are potential interested in, helping them to define their educational path.

Alpha Epsilon Delta - Anthropology - Arab American Assoc. of Engineers and Architects-Association for Computing Machinery - Association of Pre Med Students - Communications
- Environmental Network - Exercise Science -
Geography - Geology - Minorities in Health Related Professions -
Minority Management Association - Multicultural Nursing
-Nursing Student Organization - Pharmacology Toxicology Club
Political Science - Pre Dental Club - Pre Meds Without Borders -
Pre-Pharmacy Club - Student Affiliates of the American Chemical
- Student Association of Speech and Hearing - Student Visual
Arts Organization
- Undergraduate Biology Association
-Undergraduate Psychology Association