Milton Plesur Award

The Student Association recognizes the vital and fundamental role that the quality of education plays in the mission of the University. Often, there are no greater heroes or leaders than the ones we can proudly call our teachers, and many times they are not publicly recognized for their outstanding achievements.

In an effort to encourage, enhance, and reward the teaching at UB, the Student Association is seeking the nominations of undergraduate teachers who have inspired, excited, or had a positive and memorable effect on you as a student. These are the teachers who bring an added spark of enthusiasm into the classroom, who fuel an atmosphere of creativity and participation. This is YOUR chance to say thank you... Don't miss out.

Anyone teaching undergraduate classes, and has not won the award within the past five (5) years, is eligible. This gives all deserving teachers a chance to be nominated.

To nominate a deserving teacher please submit the following information to Neha Bhagirath at

Professor's Name:

Professor's Email:

Course Name:

When does the class meet:

Year/Semester you took the class:

Please explain to us why we chould pick your nominee for the award. (Minimum of 250 words):

Does the teacher demonstrate exceptional responsiveness and care for student's need (Minimum of 250):

Your Name:

Your Email:

Neha will send a confirmation email to confirm she has recieved your submission.

Previous Winners


William H. Kenney, Dr. Kush K. Bhardwaj, Harold W. Burton, Darren Treadway, Theresa Winkelman, Monica Cheery


Alex Ampadu, Kuo-Chan Sun, Dr. Claude Wech, Hershini Young, Dr. Jennifer Zirnheld


Nicolette Decsipkay, Elias Eldayrie, Dr. Henry Durand, Debora Grossman


Dr. Paul J. Cullen, Professor Michael F. Buckley, Professor Maria Victoria F. Calderon, Professor Wesley T. Carter Jr., Professor Dale B. Taulbee


Ana M. Bacigalupo, Adrienne M. Decker, Robert K. Bantan, Alexis De Veaux, David F. Schmid


Robert K. Denton, Alexis De Veaux, Adrienne Decker, David Schmid


Timothy Boyd, Jessie M Carter, Larry Davis, Lynne Kurdziel Formato, Dr. Albert L. Michaels


Thomas Feeley, Dr. Philip Miles, James Javor, Dr. Peter Morgan, Dr. Mary Anne Rokitka


Professor Kushal K. Bhardwaj, Dr. James M. Holmes, Ms. Barbara Sherman, Dr. Kenneth J. Takeuchi, Dr. Bernard Weinstein


Associate Professor Barbara Bono, Professor Rosemary Feal, Associate Professor Maria S. Horne, Assistant Professor Scott Stevens, Assistant Professor Judith H. Tamburlin


Assistant Professor Gregory Baker, Assistant Professor Kemper Lewis, Professor Tamara Thornton, Lecturer Jennifer Zirnheld


Dr. David Willbern, Dr. Joseph Mook, Professor Michael Detty, Dr. Erick Duchesne


Professor Czeslaw Prokopczyk, Dr. Victor Doyno, Dr. Claude Welch, Ms. Susan Putnam, Professor John Meacham