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SA’s UBTV provides essential services to the students at UB. We are responsible for recording and keeping timeless records of popular UB events, providing video services to UB’s many clubs and departments, as well as keeping students informed and entertained.

Our mission is to provide the UB community with relevant, useful and entertaining programming, as well as to assist any UB organization in documenting special events or programs in the form of a professionally produced video.

UBTV also serves as a creative outlet for students looking to get involved in or learn more about the television industry. It is a powerful stepping stone for anyone looking to join the world of entertainment after graduation.

Many of our videos are available for viewing on our youtube account, or right here on the SA webpage (at bottom of this page). Our office is located in 321 Student Union. We’d like to encourage anyone seeking additional information to stop by anytime, or contact us at ubsatv@gmail.com. To contact a particular staff member, see the SA staff list.

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UBTV Updates

Want to tune in, but live off campus? Keep calm. You can watch most of our shows on Youtube under UBSATV.

Check out our most popular shows, Main Street Confessions and The Smash with Arthur Mash.

Don’t forget to tune in to campus news, Green Tips, your UB Bulls home football games, and a newer addition to our line-up – sherviNATION

Keep an eye out for our upcoming UB Sketch. We’re giving student filmmakers a chance to have their work aired on TV. Interested students and aspriring filmmakers can bring their submissions to our office in 321 Student Union. We are always accepting new projects.

If you want to get invovled with UBTV, come see us or e-mail ubsatv@gmail.com!

Coming Soon: Cooking for Dogs – learn how to cook homemade meals for your favorite pup.

Persian SA Norooz Party 2014

1.25 min
4.3333335 of 5

Persian SA is having a Norooz Party! When: March 29th, 2014 Time: 6:00 pm-12:30 am Where: UB Student Union Flag Room Shot/Edited: Nicole Piendel

Persian SA Promo 2014

1.12 min
5.0 of 5

Persian SA is having a Norooz Party! It will be held on March 29th, 2014 at the Flag Room in the Student Union at UB 6:30 pm to 12:30 am Shot/Edited By: Nicole Piendel

UBTV: JSA International Fiesta 2014 Promo

0.75 min
none of 5

Japan SA International Fiesta 2014 Promo UBTV Shot/Edited by: Nicole Piendel

UBTV: ISA International Fiesta 2014 Promo

0.67 min
none of 5

ISA International Fiesta 2014 Promo UBTV Shot/Edited by: Nicole Piendel

UBTV: CSA International Fiesta 2014 Promo

0.62 min
none of 5

Chinese SA International Fiesta 2014 Promo UBTV Shot/Edited by: Nicole Piendel

UBTV: FASA International Fiesta 2014 Promo

2.50 min
none of 5

FASA International Fiesta 2014 Promo UBTV Shot/Edited by: Nicole Piendel

UBTV: MASA International Fiesta 2014 Promo

1.62 min
5.0 of 5

MASA International Fiesta Promo UBTV Shot/Edited by: Nicole Piendel

UBTV: LASA International Fiesta 2014 Promo

0.55 min
none of 5

Latin American SA 2014 Promo UBTV Shot/Edited: Nicole Piendel

UB Gospel Event coverage

71.25 min
5.0 of 5

No description.

ASA - The awakening Fashion show coverage 04

25.93 min
none of 5

No description.

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