SA provides a number of services designed to meet the various basic needs of our clubs. Below you will find information regarding these services and the forms necessary to take advantage of them.


Athletic Trainer Form If your club needs an athletic trainer at your event.
Event Staff Signup If your club would like to come work at Fall Fest and earn money for your club, please sign up here!
Event Staff Class Signup If your club is working the during show shift, you need to attend one of these sessions.

Flight Request

Is your club in need of a flight? Please fill out this form AT LEAST three weeks prior to the flight date.

Bus Request

If your club needs the use of a bus or buses, you will need to fill out this form.

Graphic Artists Request

SA provides graphic artists to design your posters, advertisements, and other graphic needs. To request this service, please fill out this form.

Contract Review

Contracts with outside organizations must be reviewed by SA staff. No club officers are authorized to enter into agreements, only the SA E-Board are authorized to bind SA with outside entities. In order to engage in a contractual relationship with an outside organization, please fill out this form.

Photo/Video Request

SA provides photographers and videographers for our clubs to document their events. Fill out this form to request this service.

Production Requests

SA Entertainment provides our clubs with a limited amount of sound, staging, and video projection support that can accommodate events up to 1,000 attendees. Beyond that, SA Production can help your clubs arrange for larger production needs. We can also provide a small amount of loaner gear. Fill out this form for all production requests.

Elections & Credentials

All clubs hold elections each year, SA offers staff to monitor the elections. To request an Elections and Credentials staff member, fill out this form.

Add your event our website

If you want to publicize your event on our site, fill out this form.


This form allows you to encumber funds for your club to use.

General Ledger

View the SA General Ledger.

Club Update

Update your club's information (constitution, office location, advisor, etc.).

E-Board Update

Update your clubs E-Board members.

Contribution of Goods Form

 For use when your organization is receiving donated goods.

Club Track Sheets

Club Track Sheets

Sports Club Waiver and Participation Packet

For any undergraduate student that wishes to compete with a club sports team