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COVID Related Rules and Restriction:

  • Do not break your COVID pod/cohort/bubble (the cluster of individuals you are already normally in contact with), only attend with those already in your “bubble”
  • Everyone must display their UB Daily health check at entrance or will be turned away
  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times
  • No one may leave their car for any reason other than an emergency
    • Anyone seen approaching other cars will be removed from the event
    • You may enter and exit to readjust seating, but individuals may not sit outside of their vehicle


General Information:

  • All films will be held in Governor’s C parking lot on the North Campus
    • All cars will enter through Governor’s D Lot along white road
    • Each car will be guided to a parking space by staff, once parked, cars cannot change their location unless leaving the event for good
  • Cars may start arriving at 6:30pm (except 10/17 @ 8:30p)
  • Films will begin at, or shortly after, 7pm (except 10/17 @ 9p)
  • Audio will only be available over 89.7 FM on your car’s stereo
  • This event is restricted to UB Undergraduates
    • Must reserve space ahead of time though online portal –
    • Car must have a current UB Hang Tag
  • There is no alcohol, smoking or drugs allowed at any SA Event
  • Maximum car capacity: Every individual MUST have their own seat-belt


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