Resource Requests
Service requests:
Is your club in need of a flight? Please fill out this form AT LEAST three weeks prior to the flight date.
All clubs hold elections each year, SA offers staff to monitor the elections. To request an Elections and Credentials staff member, fill out this form.
We try to assist as many SA clubs as we can with sound, staging and video projection support for events up to 1,000 attendees and we can help your club arrange for larger production needs. Fill out this form for all production requests.
If your club needs a contract to be reviewed or generated between SA and another orginization.
All vehicle related requests and policies for use of SA vehicles.
Request a bus.
If a club is intending on serving alcohol at an event, they must submit their request here.
Promote your club or event:
SA provides graphic artists to design your posters, advertisements, and other graphic needs. To request this service, please fill out this form.
SA provides photographers and videographers for our clubs to document their events. Fill out this form to request this service.
If you want to publicize your event on our site, fill out this form.
Sports forms:
If your club needs an athletic trainer at your event.
For any undergraduate student that wishes to compete with a club sports team.
Finance forms
This form allows you to encumber funds for your club to use.
View the SA General Ledger.
For use when your organization is receiving donated goods.
Request rooms at the Red Roof Inn hotel chain. You must submit a request in SAFE first.
SBI Ticket Office Forms:

All clubs that fundraise any monies must use the SBI Ticket Office to collect all revenues.
SBI Ticket Office Guidelines
You must fill out this form for any sales of merchandise or items other than tickets.
SBI Sales Sheet
You must fill out this form for any sales of any tickets.
Update information about your club
Update your club's information (description, social media, office location, advisor, etc.).
Update your club's E-Board members.
Club fundraising as event volunteers

Event volunteer opportunities are only available when SA requires assistance from clubs for events such as Fest, Carnival and council weeks. The forms will only be available when such a need exists.

If your club would like to come help us at our events and earn money for your club, please sign up here!
Prior to larger events, we often need club members who are working during our event to attend an informational session. Use this form to sign up for these classes when necessary.