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We will be overhauling the SA Website during the winter break. Starting on December 15th, website access may be intermittent until we have finished our updates. Please submit all of your forms and information earlier than the 15th. The other SA Websites like SAFE, Resources, Waivers and Timeclock will not be effected. Thank you.

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SA Student Affairs has one main goal: to advocate for the interests of undergraduate students and foster representation of undergraduate students within the university setting. Student Affairs will pro-actively investigate any concerns or issues you have within the university system. This department works closely with SUNY Delegates and the SA Student Assembly to assess student concerns, provide informational material, facilitate discussion, and develop action plans to improve the on-campus student experience.

We are responsible for fostering positive relations with other entities in the university community while ensuring the needs of undergraduate students who comprise these bodies are represented within the Student Association.

Each semester, Student Affairs organizes programs and events to aid in cultural and intellectual development as well as assist students who wish to take advantage of resources available both on campus and in the local community.

Student Affairs also regularly disburses information to students regarding university policies, New York State and SUNY legislation, the surrounding community, and other relevant topics.

SA Environmental Affairs is the undergraduate student voice on environmental issues. Our department works closely with university administration on all environmental issues that impact the lives of students. As a link between students and the administration, SA Environmental Affairs also educates students on topics related to sustainability within the university setting.

We strive to make the Student Association’s operations more sustainable. We are guided by the UB Climate Action Plan, which aims to make all of UB climate neutral by 2030. Environmental Affairs is responsible for implementing this plan within the Student Association and we work every day to make this goal a reality. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the environment on or off campus, or if you would like to get involved with our work, please stop by our office at 350A Student Union, or email us at . To contact a particular staff member, see the SA staff list