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SA Departments

Executive Board - 350 Student Union

The SA Executive Board (SA E-Board) is comprised of three elected UB Undergraduate students. Each Spring our UB Undergrads vote for the SA President, Vice President and Treasurer. These Elected officials take full control and management of the UB Student Government for a 1 year term, and provide the leadership and guidance to fulfill the needs of the UB Undergraduates.

Executive Assistants - 350 Student Union

Our E-Board juggle the management the largest Student Government in the SUNY system and a full time class load. To manage this massive responsibility, our Executive Assistants handle many of the high profile projects that do not necessarily fall under an SA Department, but needs the attention of a trusted Director.

Legislative Representatives - 350 Student Union

The Student Association is comprised of three branches. The Senate & Assembly are two of these bodies. Each year elections are held within these different bodies for leadership.

Council Coordinators - 367 Student Union

All of our clubs fall into one of 6 different councils. Each year the clubs in each council elect a representative to lead these councils. Through out the year, these council coordinators manage club interests and find opportunities for their clubs.

Media and Marketing - 350 Student Union

Our organization requires a Media and Marketing department that is able to keep up with rapid pace of our clubs and departments. We have a team of Graphic Artists, Photographers, Videographers and Promotional staff to meet the needs of our clubs and SA programs.

Entertainment - 363 Student Union

SA Entertainment is one of the most visible departments at SA. Responsible for most of the high profile events the SA provides the UB undergraduates, every year they create, develop, execute and supervise original programming. SA Entertainment was born in 2003 when its predecessor (UUAB) was transformed and moved from Sub Board I to SA.

Production - 362 Student Union

SA Production provides rental equipment to clubs for meetings and small scale events.  Production also provides full sound systems and staff for larger club events.

Student Affairs - 362 Student Union

Our Student Affairs staff are responsible for advocating the needs of the UB Undergraduate population.

Club Services - 367 Student Union

Club Services is responsible for providing resources and information to clubs. We also plan SA service events and SA Participation.

Finance - 350 Student Union

The SA finance department is responsible for managing the SA budget and all requests submitted by clubs to use their club allocations.

Office Staff - 350 Student Union

The SA office manages a huge amount of daily traffic. From new students looking for information on clubs and events, to managing club finances, to executing Spring & Fall Fest; the SA office is always a busy place. Our office staff are the people that get you where you need to be, whether your walking in the front door, or calling us from abroad, the Office Staff will greet you with a smile and get you the information or people you need.

Pro-Staff - 350 Student Union

With over a combined 40+ years of experience at SA, our Pro-Staff exist to provide continuity and historical perspective to help the Student Leadership make informed decisions.

Faculty Student Association (FSA) Student Board -

The general purpose of FSA is to establish, operate, manage, promote, and cultivate educational activities and relationships incidental thereto by, between and among the students and faculty of State University of New York at Buffalo and to aid the students, faculty, and administration of the University in the furtherance of their education and studies, work, living and co-curricular activities incidental thereto, in collaboration and coordination with the educational goals of the University.