Sign Agreeement - Shaqurah Zachery

Legal Consultation Agreement - Shaqurah Zachery


 I, the undersigned, request that Shaqurah Zachery (the “Attorney”) provide a legal consultation, and I agree as follows:

  1. The Attorney’s services shall be limited in this matter to advice only. The Attorney shall not appear in Court for me, prepare any documents on my behalf, or represent me in any discussions with other parties. The Attorney may not spend more than 3 hours on the matter total and may limit any session to 1 hour. (The limitations in this paragraph shall not apply to UB student disciplinary matters, except that the Attorney’s representation of me in any UB student disciplinary matter shall be deemed concluded following a UB or Student-Wide Judiciary decision regarding such matter, and shall not include any Court challenge of that decision.)

  2. There are some matters which the Attorney may not be able to assist me with due to the matter being outside of the Attorney’s practice areas or due to a conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest.

  3. I will not be charged for this consultation. University at Buffalo Student Association Inc. (“SA”) will pay Attorney for this consultation. However, Attorney provides services through Attorney’s private practice. Attorney is not an employee of SA or the State University of New York at Buffalo (“UB”), and neither SA nor UB shall be responsible for Attorney’s actions or omissions.

  4. SA will not interfere in any manner whatsoever with the attorney-client relationship between Attorney and me, or with the independent exercise of Attorney’s legal judgment in providing legal services to me. Attorney’s conduct shall be ethical in accordance with the New York Rules of Professional Conduct.

  5. The Attorney may provide SA with the following information: (1) my name and UB student status, (2) the name of any opposing or adverse party, and whether such person is a UB student (3) the type of case, (4) when I meet with the Attorney, and (5) a copy of this agreement. The Attorney shall not provide SA any other information about my case.

  6. Attorney will not represent me beyond the legal consultation described above. If I need further representation, it will be my responsibility to find and hire another lawyer at my own expense.

  7. Attorney may provide me with information on legal services organizations and/or attorneys in private practice that may be able to assist me on an ongoing basis. However, such information is provided to tell me about potential options only, and shall not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Attorney, SA or UB. I understand that I am free to hire any other attorney that I choose.

  8. Important Warning: Statute of Limitations. I have been advised that a statute of limitations may impose a strict deadline on my ability to bring a lawsuit or deal with a potential claim, and therefore, if I believe that I have the basis for a lawsuit or potential claim, I should contact another attorney immediately.

I acknowledge that I have read this agreement in its entirety and that I fully understand and consent to its terms. 

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