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Student Government

(1) Executive Branch

The Executive Branch consists of the SA Executive Board (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) who are elected each spring semester. The responsibility of the Executive Board is to oversee and enforce the SA By-Laws. They serve as the prime advocates for the undergraduate student body, provide additional events, activities, services, opportunities, and club organizations which help to enhance the undergraduate experience outside the classroom.

(2) Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is comprised of the Senate. The Senate is responsible for the allocation of the SA budget. The Senate determines the annual budgetary allocations for clubs based on recommendations by the Board of Directors Finance Committee, which hears a Budget Request from all clubs.

The Board of Directors is comprised of 23 members. Eleven directors are members by virtue of their offices in SA, (3 E-board members, 7 coordinators elected by their respective councils, and the Student Affairs Director). The remaining 12 directors are elected by undergraduate students during the beginning of the fall semester.

The Senate also enacts resolutions concerning issues of importance to the undergraduate student body in regards to issues of academic policy, student rights, and student welfare. The Senate additionally can create ad hoc positions, agencies, task forces and committees to take action on issues of importance to students within the items listed above

(3) Judicial Branch

UB’s Student-Wide Judiciary is a legally separate and unrelated student group, which shall have jurisdiction/authority to hear non-financial disputes between SA and its Members, subject to any limitations contained in SA’s By-Laws or policies. Only Student-Wide Judiciary justices who are Members of SA may participate in the adjudication of any dispute concerning SA. The Student Wide-Judiciary may not compel SA to violate any University at Buffalo rule or policy or any binding law or regulation. Any determination by the Student-Wide Judiciary that contradicts a University at Buffalo rule or policy or any binding law or regulation shall be considered void ab initio. SA Officers, Directors, and employees may rely in good faith on the written advice of a University at Buffalo official as to whether a particular Student-Wide Judiciary ruling contradicts any University at Buffalo rule or policy or any binding law or regulation.

Functions of the Student Association

The Student Association has three major functions: (1) Advocacy and Awareness, (2) Events and Activities, and (3) Clubs.

(1) Advocacy and Awareness:

Advocacy and Awareness is an important priority for the Student Association. As the University at Buffalo's undergraduate student government, SA acts as an advocate on behalf of undergraduate students to the university as well as to local, state and federal government officials. By representing UB undergraduate student interests, SA hopes to improve the overall quality of undergraduate student life at the University at Buffalo. Some of the services we offer involving advocacy and awareness include hosting week-long awareness and advocacy weeks, meeting with university administration, attending SUNY SA conferences and serving as student representatives on various university committees. Undergraduates can reach their student representatives by emailing , stopping by 350 Student Union, or commenting on any of our social media (FacebookTwitter, or Instagram).

(2) Events and Activities

The Student Association hosts among the most recognizable events that students attend and participate in here at the University at Buffalo. Our completely student-run team strives to offer creative and innovative programming to the undergraduate student body each year. A few of these programs include:

  • Gala - Each semester we provide a much needed break to your finals schedule by bringing you our Winter and Spring Gala. We invite you to dance the night away with dinner, music, and much more.
  • Fests - UB's largest concert series, Fall and Spring Fest bring national touring artists to the UB undergraduates for free. Check out a past artists list here.
  • Comedy - SA brings major Comedians for UB undergraduates to enjoy. Check out a past artist list here.
  • International Fiesta - Every year our international clubs compete in a dance tournament designed to promote cultural diversity by encouraging clubs to present exhibitions that celebrate their cultural roots.
  • Carnival & Spirit Week - The oldest of SA's traditions is also one of the oldest traditions at UB. SA celebrates our school spirit with a week's worth of events in and around the UB Student Union that culminates in a Carnival and bonfire.
  • Student Activities - In cooperation with the university, SA brings you small events throughout the year, including variety shows, rides, games, contests, and much, much more.
  • Subsidized Tickets - SA offers subsidized tickets to Bills & Sabres games, shows at the Shea's Performing Art Center, and more each semester.
  • Film Series -SA offers a free Summer Film Series on both north and south campus. Come watch the latest blockbusters and your old favorites with us out under the stars. 

SA offers many more activities and events each semester. For a full list of events and when everything is happening check out our events calendar or our social media (FacebookTwitter, or Instagram). 

(3) Clubs

The Student Association is home to over 160 clubs. There is no limit to the number of clubs a single student can join and no restrictions for joining. The many benefits of joining a Student Association club include participating in entertaining events and programs, developing leadership skills, performing community service, and meeting other students who share their interests. Each of our clubs fall into one of seven different clubs councils: AcademicEngineeringHobbyInternationalPeople of Color (POC), Special Interest, and Sports. To see a list of all of the Student Association recognized clubs click here.