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The UB Student Association (SA) is run for students by students. We are the undergraduate student government, and we exist to enhance your college experience. We support student clubs, organize hundreds of no-cost events, provide services, and advocate on behalf of undergraduate students.

SA officers are elected annually and are accountable to the student body, no one else. Our work is funded by a small mandatory fee so no matter what's happening with your wallet at the end of the semester, we are here for you.

SA Clubs are open to all students and they fall into one of seven categories: Academic, Engineering, Hobby, International, People Of Color (POC), Special Interest, and Sports. Students can always connect with us to start a new club.

SA's student-run events team brings a diverse mix of top-tier and thought-provoking talent directly to you with no out-of-pocket expense. From Wiz Khalifa to The Chainsmokers, Trevor Noah to Gabriel Iglesias, drive-in movies to kayaking on the lake, SA provides virtual and in-person entertainment so you can make the most of your UB experience.

UB is a big place and SA's services will help you thrive no matter the challenge. Our no-cost services include tutoring, legal consultations, and a food pantry. SA staff and leaders will connect you with additional resources if needed. SA also advocates on behalf of students to the UB and SUNY administrations and to federal, state, and local governments.


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