Special Interest Council



Coordinator: Aiden Sumrall

The Special Interest Council uses an educational, social, cultural or recreational approach to look at various religious, political and social justice organizations. It also facilitates the interests of students that want to be involved in community service. These clubs showcase their interests through educational meetings, guest speakers, cultural events and social activities. All Student Association clubs are open to all Undergraduate Student and welcome people of varying viewpoints to join. 

American Sign Language Club

The purpose of the American Sign Language (ASL) Club is to learn ASL or to refine one's skills. It will also be a safe space to learn more about the deaf community and come together to raise awareness and make friends.

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Date Established:
President:Emma Porlier
Vice President:Ayden Peters
Treasurer:Shira Symons
Secretary:Sasha Pena

Amnesty International

As an organization at the University at Buffalo, we strive to protect, promote, and raise awareness of human rights. Amnesty International is a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights. We work to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth, and dignity are denied. Amnesty International is currently the largest grassroots human rights organization, we investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world.

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Date Established:
Vice President:

Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC)

Encourage UB students faculty and staff to develop their full potential as Christians in today's world and society.

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President:John Reynolds
Vice President:
Treasurer:Jordan Purrington

Cake Club

The purpose of the Cake Club is to unite students of different cultures through cake. The Cake club strives to provide a comfortable space for students to de-stress, meet others, and learn about different cultures. Cake isn't just food, it is enjoyed internationally but it holds a different meaning in every culture. 

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Date Established:
President:Sarah Lo
Vice President:Tanvir Fuad
Treasurer:Winnie Lam
Secretary:Adrianna Lo

Children Moving Forward

The purpose of our club is to give back to members in our community who need help moving forward on their paths through life. By volunteering at local foster homes and women's shelters in the Western New York area, we hope to spread positive change.

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Date Established:
President:Sydney Lee
Vice President:Guilianna Roth
Treasurer:Eloise Fischer
Secretary:Alayna Starr

Circle K

Circle K International (CKI) is the premier collegiate and university community service, leadership development, and friendship organization in the world. With more than 13,770 members in 17 nations, CKI is making a positive impact on the world every day.

Circle K clubs are organized and sponsored by a Kiwanis club on a college or university campus. CKI is a self-governing organization and elects its own officers, conducts its own meetings, and determines its own service activities.

CKI blends community service and leadership training with the opportunity to meet other college students around the world. Projects such as the Six Cents Initiative, CKI’s International fundraiser that aims to provide water to the 2.2 billion children worldwide who lack safe drinking water, bring CKI members together to make a difference in the world.

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Club E-Mail: ubsa-circlek@buffalo.edu
Location: SU 370
President:Sofie Melledy
Vice President:Tanisha FilsAime
Treasurer:Skylar McCraery
Secretary:Afifa Roja
Advisor: Bruce Pivetz, bpivetz@yahoo.com, (580) 399-4361

College Democrats

We are a political and social club at UB dedicated to Liberal ideals and political discussion/debate. We engage in volunteering. In addition we have many social outings such as camping road trips and day trips.

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Location: SU 316
President:Cassandra Schiller
Vice President:Avery Butler
Treasurer:Connor Devans
Secretary:Nicholas Mohabir

Emergency Services Club

To educate the populace regarding Emergency Services by providing information sessions and workshops (CPR, AED, Narcan, etc.) hosted by professional first responders. We also hope to unite students who have an interest in emergency preparedness or may want to pursue a career in emergency services.

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Date Established:
President:Priya Chaudhuri
Vice President:Gorkem Bogubaev
Treasurer:Emma Romanik
Secretary:Riya Alex

Gospel Choir

The purpose of this organization is to:
A. Introduce and present to All gospel music.
B. Enrich the quality of cultural life at campus and in the community.
C. Complement the offerings of the music department. 

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Club E-Mail: ubsa-ubgc@buffalo.edu
Location: SU 302
President:Chioma Nweke
Vice President:Shiniah France
Treasurer:Amuche Ude
Secretary:Taelor Desnoes


The purpose of IGNITE at UB is to increase the political ambition, civic engagement, and leadership skills of its members to build the next generation of women leaders. This chapter will benefit those interested in politics and civics by presenting opportunities for members to hear guest speakers, learn more about politics, and engage in civic discourse.


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Date Established:
President:Alisha Allison
Vice President:Helene Obonga Tongunga
Treasurer:Farrelle Toumani
Secretary:Shayonna Oaks

Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief of the University at Buffalo (Islamic Relief UB) is a chapter of the greater organization of Islamic Relief of the United States of America (Islamic Relief USA). Islamic Relief UB is a nonprofit student organization that will provide a space for young college students to contribute to their community on a local, national, and international level. Islamic Relief UB helps to organize charity campaigns centered around various realms such as education, emergency response, food aid, health, microfinance, orphans, water accessibility, and winter aid, among others. The UB chapter of Islamic Relief looks to not only partake in Islamic Relief USA’s initiatives but to also aid the local Buffalo community by volunteering, providing community service, and working to create new programs throughout the region. Islamic Relief UB seeks to encourage students to improve themselves as global citizens and provide them with hands-on experience with humanitarian relief efforts.

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Date Established:
President:Suha Chowdhury
Vice President:Fatima Makama
Treasurer:Sadiah Dina
Secretary:Hannah Rashad

Jewish Student Union

Preserve and promote Jewish identity dignity and pride. Address problems affecting Jewish culture. Overcome stereotypes. Promote Jewish leadership through education.

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Club E-Mail: ubsa-jsu@buffalo.edu
Location: SU 374
President:Hudson Hort
Vice President:Aidan Lutz
Treasurer:Stephanie Newberger
Secretary:Abby Schaal

Lending A Paw

Not everyone can foster a dog, especially us who are undergraduates. However, many want to help dogs in need in any way they can. Buddy's Second Chance Rescue saves dogs from high-kill shelters to have them come to a foster home here in Buffalo. From Buffalo, these dogs need permanent homes so Buddy's offers events and activities for these foster pups. However, these foster parents have lives of their own and cannot make it to every event due to outside obligations. That is where we would come in. As a member of this organization, we would help set up and break down events as well as bring foster dogs from their foster homes to the even if their foster parent was not available to take them. We would also raise awareness for the program and fundraise where we can, and every cent would go towards Buddies. This would allow more people to find out about Buddies and have more fosters a part of the program and with the college students' help, it would help pups find a permanent and loving home. Events help the pups get adopted. Save a dog today one event at a time!

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Date Established:
President:Natalie Grzejka
Vice President:Alex Carvalho
Treasurer:Aidan Sumrall
Secretary:Holden Meza


Lesbian/Gay and Bisexual Transgender Alliance. Establish a safe space on campus to facilitate understanding among all students; provide an organization sympathetic to concerns.

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Club E-Mail: ubsa-lgbta@buffalo.edu
Location: SU 323
President:A Garry
Vice President:Spencer Gough
Treasurer:Fen Stanczyk
Secretary:Rouge Rodriguez

Medicine Through Literature

Our book club will focus on reading books related to healthcare and then discuss various aspects of healthcare which are not talked about enough. We will read books about racism, equity, and disparity in health care and then we will discuss how we as future health care workers can contribute to the improvement of healthcare. We will be reading books like “Black Man in a White Coat,” “Being Mortal” and “An American Sickness.”

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Date Established:
President:Chidinma Nworisa
Vice President:Maymuna Akter
Treasurer: Saviour Ameyaa
Secretary:Saidah Dina

Mixed Student Association

Our mission is to create an inclusive community that allows mixed students to share their experiences and learn more about what it means to be a mixed student at UB. Whether it be mixed racially, culturally, religiously, etc. Our association aims to facilitate a space so students can come together and discuss the everyday challenges of being mixed and help our Buffalo community.

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Date Established:
President:William Bievenue
Vice President:Alexander Holmes
Treasurer:Geffrey Alpers
Secretary:Daysia Augustin

Model Congress

The purpose of UB Model Congress is to educate the campus community about the inner workings of the United States' Congress, and how the legislative branch works. The club will also strengthen student's debate skills and speaking skills, through Congressional simulations, events, and other activities.

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Date Established:
President:Nour Jaber
Vice President:Avery Butler
Treasurer:Matthew Boyce
Secretary:Herman Von Hassel

Model United Nations

Enlighten and expand a student's knowledge of the role of the United Nations plays in solving crucial world problems. Observe and practice through meetings the role the United Nations has today and throughout history has impacted the world through policy making and spirited discussions. To demonstrate knowledge retaining to historical issues, current world problems, and an appreciation for all world cultures.

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Date Established:
President:Joseph Pawelczyk
Vice President:Rowan Dobson
Treasurer:Seamus Keane
Secretary:Tiffany Verdugo

Morgan's Message

Morgan’s Message strives to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health within the student-athlete community and equalize the treatment of physical and mental health in athletics. We aim to expand the dialogue on mental health by normalizing conversations, empowering those who suffer in silence, and supporting those who feel alone.

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Date Established:
President:Emily Croisdale
Vice President:Sabrina Hallberg
Treasurer:Adriana Velasquez
Secretary:Lily Hinchcliffe

Muslim SA

Promote and strengthen cultural ties among Muslim students at UB. Support activities and better understanding and cooperation in the University and community.

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Club E-Mail: msabuffalo@gmail.com
Location: SU 320
President:Laibah Mir
Vice President:Aisha Adam Bechir
Treasurer:Rasil Sohail
Secretary:Sara Bawla
Advisor: Faizan Haq, haq@buffalo.edu, 716-923-4390

Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA)

The purpose of this organization shall be to: 1. i) Organizing church services on selected days; on campus to satisfy the needs of students who cannot attend their home churches. ii) Coordinate for members to visit nearby mother churches in the area, where it is unable to host services on campus. 2. Organize a minimum of one student-oriented program at least once a year (e.g. Seminars, Symposia, Retreats and Prayer meetings). 3. Network with other PENSA organizations from member colleges in the United States and attend events. 3. Attend annual PENSA conferences organized by PENSA USA when possible. 4. Embark on an effective form of evangelism to reach out to our fellow students and professionals who have not accepted Christ as their personal Savior. 5. Conduct water and Holy Ghost baptism (by Pastors) for students in fulfillment of a general objective of helping students grow in the Lord. 6. Engage in charitable activities and perform Community Services to fulfill our mission and to present PENSA as a faith-based organization in the nation. 7. Embark on effective follow-up services and post-conferences activities within the assemblies to train and encourage those who gave their lives to Christ, had water and/or Holy Spirit baptism during PENSA events to grow in faith and serve the Lord. 8. In due time, maintain a PENSA website, which will include but not limited to: i. Discussion Forum ii. Bible Research Page iii. Prayer Request iv. Scripture of the day v. Devotionals vi. Links to other Pentecostal Organizations. vii. Links to other Christian Web pages

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Date Established:
President:Sheldelynn Asamoah
Vice President:Alex Bonsu
Treasurer:Herschel Appiah-Bediako
Secretary:Magdalene Baah

Pilots Association

To bring together and train aviation enthusiasts in a virtual environment as well as help each other understand aviation as a discipline and a hobby.

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Date Established:
President:Justin Lester
Vice President:SJ Navaid
Treasurer:Amy Meisenzahl
Secretary:SJ Navaid
Advisor: John L. Crassidis

Red Cross Club

The purpose of establishing a Red Cross Club would be to not only develop leadership skills but also address community needs and demands that would otherwise not be met. Those who join this benevolent organization are seeking to provide assistance and comfort to the community. Red Cross is also a great way to form relationships with peers and community members alike.

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President:Jeremiah Villa
Vice President:Matthew Renieris
Treasurer:Tiffany Wang
Secretary:Maryah Groomes

Sikh SA

Our club is a religious group that aims to help create a welcoming community on our campus by incorporating the values of the Sikh religion, such as 'Seva', meaning volunteerism, 'Sangat', meaning a supportive community, and 'Sikhi', meaning education/spiritual development.

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Date Established:
President:Waaris Hundal
Vice President:Ranvir Singh
Treasurer:Ravleen Kaur
Secretary:Jasmin Gill

Students for Justice in Palestine

Our purpose of renewing this club is to bring awareness to the ongoing struggles occurring in present-day Palestine, as well as to spread and allow people of all cultures to enjoy the richness of Palestinian tradition. We look to create an open atmosphere for the UB community to be able to connect with each other through numerous meetings/events representing Palestine.

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Date Established:
President:Adam Aref
Vice President:Majd Ayoub
Treasurer:Adam Raiyan
Secretary:Yousef Ahmed

The Underground Reader's Club

Open to all Majors: We come together every fortnight to read all mediums and formats! We support students with resources that help them be well-rounded (and well-rested) individuals and also encourage mindful, non-academic literacy in the UB community.

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Date Established:
President:Kenya Lindo Cruz
Vice President:
Treasurer:Afifa Roja

True Blue

True Blue provides services to the University at Buffalo in attempts to bring consistency and improvement to the attendance of the student sections at University athletic events. in doing so, this organization will attempt to make the athletic events a fun atmosphere while showing support for the athletic teams

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President:Disha Lad
Vice President:Charis Marvel
Treasurer:Benjamin Douglass
Secretary:Alexis Lichtenberger
Advisor: Elaine Russell, elaineru@buffalo.edu, (716) 645-5038

Turning Point USA

To identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government.

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Date Established:
President:Chelsea Buitron
Vice President:
Treasurer:Alexander H
Secretary:Aiden OBrien

UNICEF Unite Club

UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) Unite Club at the University at Buffalo will be a part of UNIFEF’s global project of mobilizing volunteers from all walks of life and every corner of the country in pursuit of one common goal: to ensure a better world for every child. UNICEF Unite club aims to activate the local community by advocating, building community, fundraising, and speaking out for UNICEF’s child survival work in over 190 countries.

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Date Established:
President:Maymuna Akter
Vice President:Ayesha Jannat
Treasurer:Ryan Seonarain
Secretary:Sajeda Be

Vegan Club

1) To provide vegans and vegetarians on campus with an opportunity to meet fellow like-minded individuals. Activities include vegan potlucks, vising local vegan restaurants, attending farmers' markets and other activities requested by members. 

2) To organize outreach on the benefits of a plant-based diet-health benefits, saving our environment, and animal rights. These outreach events will include our vegan potlucks, guest speakers, tabling etc. 

3) To provide the UB community an opportunity to learn about veganism and the various issues that accompany them. Meetings will include table talks where the club will give particular topics and members will have an academic discussion to spread their knowledge on the issue. Anyone can ask questions to deepen their understanding of what it means to be a plant-based. Anyone can present on a topic if requested; our meetings, movie screenings, and speakers will be very informative. 


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Date Established:
President:Ivy Gulakiw
Vice President:

Women's Awareness Alliance

To create a safe space for women, educate them on local and national involvement, promote safety and having a voice as well as be active members at the University at Buffalo.

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Date Established:
President:Amanda Casale
Vice President:Elexa Custance
Treasurer:Katherine Gaynor
Secretary:Ryan Piken

Women's Healthcare and Wellness Association

To promote and advocate for the healthcare and wellness of all women. We will provide people with updated sex-specific health information through a holistic approach to empower women in our community.

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Date Established:
President:Daysia Augustin
Vice President:Hana Samad
Treasurer:Dior Gillins
Secretary:Reilly Donovan

Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)

1. To engage in activities that are of an educational, cultural, recreational or social nature and relate to the general principles of Young Americans for Freedom, a project of the Young America’s Foundation.

2. To provide an environment for the students of UB to learn about United States history, the United States Constitution, individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional American values through student activities, on-campus lectures by local and national speakers, and service efforts for our local US military and veterans.

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Date Established:
President:Jacob Cassidy
Vice President:Amelia Sluzarz
Treasurer:Brendan Reilly
Secretary:Lazar Gelfand
Advisor: James Campbell, jcampbel@buffalo.edu, (716) 645-8452

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