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Coordinator: Joe McCusker

The Engineering Council consists of clubs focused on the many different facets of the Engineering field and allows students to gain hands on experience of the material they learn in the classroom. In addition to networking with professors and professionals, Engineering clubs actively carry out research projects, conduct valuable experiments and compete in competitions throughout the nation. Many of the Student Association Engineering clubs are national recognized and work closely with national societies. Most notably, the Engineering Council annually participates in the National Engineering Week in February in which each club competes in events such as a Rube Goldberg competition, Battle Bots and more.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

The purpose of this Organization is to provide its members opportunities to gain broader insight into the engineering profession by sponsoring student projects of engineering interest. The primary means of accomplishing this is through participation in the american Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Design Competitions and Astronautics-related programs. In addition to this, the Organization will arrange trips to visit or tour research and engineering establishments and participate in local AIAA professional section activities.

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Location: 242 Bell
President:John Hudi
Vice President:Fernando Ramos Siguenza
Treasurer:Md Tanzim Ahsan
Secretary:Frank Robles
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American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE)

  1. To further the educational background and vocational achievement of students interested in chemical engineering and promote the interests of the University at Buffalo.
  2. To seek to embed in its members an appreciation of a proper code of professional ethics, such as those upheld by the Professional chapters of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
  3. To promote good fellowship among the members of the club and the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department of the University at Buffalo.

These objectives shall be accomplished through activities organized by the club and its officers. Typical club activities include plant tours, guest speakers, trips to national and regional AIChE conferences, student-faculty mixters, banquets, engineer's week, and other events. 

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Club E-Mail:
Location: 206 Furnas
President:Teagan Allart
Vice President:Joey Mennicucci
Secretary:Anna Belyablya
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American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

The objective of this organization shall be to encourage the development of a professional consciousness, to afford and opportunity for the civil engineering students to become acquainted and to practice working together effectively, to promote a spirit of congeniality among them, and to provide friendly contact with the engineering profession. 

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Club E-Mail:
Location: 202 Ketter
President:Jesse Orozco
Vice President:Joshua Cardamone
Treasurer:RJ Green
Secretary:Emily Styn
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American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

UBASME is a club where engineering majors and all other interested in engineering, particularly Mechanical, can collaborate to work on projects, network, and gain valuable hands-on experience

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Club E-Mail:
Location: 305 Jarvis
President:Piyush Shivananda Salian
Vice President:Robert O Gara
Secretary:Arqyn Azrul Syahrin
Advisor: Tarun Singh,
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Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

The Mission of BMES is to build and support the biomedical engineering community, locally, nationally and internationally with activities designed to communicate recent advances, discoveries, and inventions; promote education and professional development; and integrate the perspectives of the academic, medical, governmental, and business sectors.

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Club E-Mail:
Location: 215G Bonner Hall
President:Anna Walsh
Vice President:Bhakti Kulkarni
Treasurer:Talia Fuld
Secretary:Jonathan Kaj
Advisor: Dr. Filip Stefanovic,
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Engineering World Health (EWH)

Our mission, as an Engineering World Health chapter, is to integrate multiple disciplines within engineering and medicine to understand and address challenges faced by clinicians and technicians in the developing world. We aim to promote experiential learning through hands on skills workshops, such as soldering and troubleshooting circuitry, and participation in design competitions to create novel medical technologies appropriate for developing countries.  Through EWH sponsored programs, we intend to immerse members in the challenges of impoverished clinical settings, where they must adapt and apply their knowledge beyond the classroom setting. We aim to improve the quality of healthcare in these vulnerable communities and leave a lasting impact on our members. 

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Date Established:
Club E-Mail:
President:Amelia Kelly
Vice President:Andrew Pruetz
Treasurer:Andrew Allen
Secretary:Emily Dorio
Advisor: Filip Stefanovic, 716-645-9039,
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Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)

Engineers for a Sustainable World partners with communities and organizations to develop appropriate, sustainable solutions that improve their quality of life and that of future generations. Furthering students' education in engineering. ESW-UB will bring together those with interest in the development and implementation of appropriate sustainable technologies in partnership with communities. In the interest of implementing the mission statement, the objectives of ESW-UB are to:

  1. Raise awareness of development of issues and the critical role of engineers to engage in socially-responsible endeavors.
  2. Support students, faculty, and professionals interested in the design and implementation of appropriate technologies.
  3. Create and support events or activities that enable ESW-UB to achieve the goals of the mission statement.
  4. Run projects that allow members to actively work to achieve the goals of the mission statement.
  5. Consistently work to create a positive image of ESW-UB, the Student Association, and the University.
  6. Remain involved in local and campus affairs relating to sustainability.

ESW-UB was founded to:

  1. Partner technical and educational resources to develop sustainable technological solutions in communities where need has been locally identified.
  2. Promote awareness of technological challenges in undeserved communities.
  3. Promote awareness of sustainable technology appropriate in the community in terms of culture, resources, and local demand.
  4. Form and sustain dynamic partnerships between students, academia, and professionals in service to ESW-UB.
  5. Create awareness and increase knowledge of current world situations.

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Club E-Mail:
Location: Jarvis 338
President:Cameron Laird
Vice President:Tyler Schin
Treasurer:Kat Curry
Secretary:Tanner Ritz
Advisor: Dr. James Jensen,, 716-645-4007
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Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)

IISE exists to further the skills needed to excel as an Industrial Engineer. Our members are provided with certification opportunities, networking events with fellow industrial engineering students and established industry professionals, and hands-on projects to build skills and competitive résumés. We are passionate about putting classwork into action and collecting useful engineering experiences over the course of an undergraduate education in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

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Date Established:
Location: SU 308
President:Walter Towery
Vice President:Karen Cheng
Treasurer:Jonathan Chen
Secretary:Catherine Ardizzone
Advisor: Jose Walteros
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Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

The club focuses on giving students technical and professional preparation for careers in both industry and academia. Put simply, we prepare students for engineering outside the classroom. Our members have the opportunity to take leadership roles in a variety of interdisciplinary engineering projects; these projects give students hands-on, technical, and multidisciplinary experience they won’t get by attending lectures. Additionally, we offer a variety of workshops to teach students the skills they need to work on such projects; previous workshops have included topics such as computer programming, soldering, PCB design, circuit design, website design, and CAD.

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Date Established:
President:Gianna Germain
Vice President:Chester Doskos
Treasurer:Thomas Mehok
Secretary:Eric Butcher
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National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

With more than 500 chapters and nearly 16,000 active members in the U.S. and abroad, the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is one of the largest student-governed organizations based in the United States. Our motto is 'To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community."

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Club E-Mail:
Location: SU 308
Vice President:
Advisor: Dr. Letitia Thomas,, (716) 645-3071
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UB Robotics is an undergraduate club at the University at Buffalo, dedicated to applying the engineering principles that members learn in the classroom to real-world, robotics-related projects. We accomplish this goal primarily through building robots for intercollegiate competitions.

UB Robotics has three main roles in the University at Buffalo community. First and foremost, we are a group of students interested in robotics. This means that our primary concern is to advance the knowledge of our members in the field of robotics. Secondly, we are an undergraduate club, which means that it is important for us to do our best to be one of the premier clubs at the University at Buffalo. This task includes completing all SA requirements, working hard to recruit new members, and ensuring that future members will have an easy transition so that the club can continue to be successful year after year. Thirdly, as a college-level robotics organization, it should be in our interest to advance the field of robotics as a whole. This means that after our other two objectives have been met, we should do our best to take on difficult and cutting-edge projects to help develop new technologies and earn recognition for the University.

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Date Established:
President:Dylan Zelko
Vice President:
Treasurer:Bryan Steines
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Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)

SASE is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment so that they can achieve their full potential. In addition to professional development, SASE also encourages members to contribute to the enhancement of the communities in which they live. SASE's mission is to: 

  • Prepare Asian heritage scientists and engineers for success in the global business world.
  • Celebrate diversity on campuses and in the workplace.
  • Provide opportunities for members to make contributions to their local communities.

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President:Brandon Qiu
Vice President:Zhi Kang Xie
Treasurer:Andy Dong
Secretary:Edmund Lee
Advisor: Hongyue Sun,
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Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

SAE. Provide members with opportunities in the engineering profession. Sponsor projects field trips research.

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Location: 104 Jarvis
President:Brigid McCormack
Vice President:Kevin Duchi
Treasurer:Jayden Bennett
Secretary:Kopit Elan
Advisor: Jason Armstrong (716) 645-3541
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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

  1. To increase the number of minorities, especially Hispanic students, in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
  2. To improve the retention of minority students enrolled in a STEM major (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
  3. To provide a forum for the exchange of information pertinent for minority STEM students enrolled in this university.
  4. To provide underclassmen with a support system that allows them to smoothly transition into college.
  5. To develop and participate in programs which industry and the university which will benefit the members of this club, who are seeking technical degrees.
  6. To promote the advancement of minority STEM students in employment and education.

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Location: SU 308
Vice President:
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Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The Society of Women Engineers stimulates women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders by expanding the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life and by demonstrating the value of diversity. We also serve to inform young women and the general public of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers and the opportunities that are open to them. SWE serves as a center of information on women in engineering. We encourage women engineers to attain high levels of education and professional achievement.

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Location: SU 308
President:Melissa Patino
Vice President:Leah Patterson
Treasurer:Kirsten McGraw
Secretary:Madison Sodaro
Advisor: Christine Human,
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Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)

The mission of the University at Buffalo Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (UB SEDS) is to raise interest and awareness of space exploration and development. We serve as a connection between students of all disciplines/majors and space projects, space industries, and space careers. UB SEDS is a UB Student Association-recognized club and a proud chapter of SEDS-USA.

UB SEDS hosts the following project groups: Rocketry (including Competition, High-Power, and Low-Power), Astronomy, Educational Outreach, BattleBot, and Weather Balloon.

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Location: Furnas 1025
President:Richard Magnani
Vice President:Ethan Trotta
Treasurer:Kyle Palmatier
Secretary:Matthew Stein
Advisor: Paul DesJardin,, 716-645-1467
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Theme Park Engineering Club (TPEC)

To increase the number of students interested in entering the field of theme park engineering at the University at Buffalo. To develop and participate in programs with industry and the university which will benefit the members of the club through an insight in the field. Run projects that allow members to actively work to achieve the goals of the club. to provide a forum for the exchange of information pertinent for students interested in theme park engineering. Consistently work to crate a positive image of TPEC, the Student Association and the University.  Support students, faculty and professionals interested in the design and implementation of appropriate technologies.

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Date Established:
President:Alain Herman
Vice President:Alison Casson
Treasurer:Bryan Rambo
Secretary:Joshua Schertzer
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Hulme,, 716-645-5573
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