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Coordinator: Grace Osaba

The Academic Council consists of clubs of an academic nature which allow students to meet other students of their major or interest of study. Academic clubs allow students to continue their learning outside of the classroom and network with professors and professionals, while participating in practical or simply fun events and programs that give students a break from their course load. Many Academic clubs often have guest speakers, aid in the preparation for graduate school or provide opportunities that will allow students to gain a competitive edge on their resume. Academic clubs also allow students to explore fields of study they are potential interested in, helping them to define their educational path.

American Sign Language Club | Anthropology Club | Association of Pre-Medical Students | AxONS Association of Neuroscience Students | Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Science Student Association | Communication Undergraduate Student Association (CUSA) | Economics Club | English Club | Entomology Club | Environmental Network | Exercise Science | French Club | Korean Language Club | Korean Student Help Center (KSHC) | Medical Spanish for Pre-health Professional | Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) | Multicultural Nursing SA | Nursing Student Organization | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Club | Political Science Undergraduate Student Association | Pre Meds Without Borders | Pre-Dental Association | Pre-Optometry Association | Pre-Pharmacy Club | Pre-Physician Assistant Society | pre-Student Occupational Therapy Association Club | Pre-Veterinary Association | Public Health Club | Public Speaking Organization | STEM Faith Club for International Students | Student Association for Speech and Hearing (SASH) | The Women's Network: Buffalo | Undergraduate Biology Association | Undergraduate Geology Club | Undergraduate Psychology Association

American Sign Language Club

To provide UB students with a place to learn, practice and become comfortable with ASL. Many people do not recognize that ASL is a language and we will bring awareness to that, as well as, the importance of Def culture, with which it goes hand in hand. We will promote openness and understanding of the culture, as well as, learning the language itself. We hope that students will find excitement in learning a new language and gain the confidence to communicate with those who may use it.

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Date Established:
President:Sari Arrow
Vice President:Shamona McKenzie
Treasurer:Zac Nicholls
Secretary:Ilsa Kloiber
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Anthropology Club

To provide information on Anthropology to not only undergraduate anthropology students, but also students who may be undecided about their major. To explore the realm of Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, and Linguistics. The path of Classics is also relevant when talking about Archaeology also. Our club will aim to have fun while also implementing a learning and open environment for questions. outings to museums will also be something we do as a group!!

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Date Established:
President:Mary Dixon
Vice President:Andy DAgostino
Treasurer:Gwen Burrows
Secretary:Juliana Dorazio
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Association of Pre-Medical Students

We are a pre medical/pre health club dedicated to giving pre med and pre health undergraduates opportunities to prepare for professional school and meet like minded students. We offer a shadowing program, a volunteer program, and periodical meetings during which we have social and informational events.

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President:Anoop Nilam
Vice President:Sarah Bukahri
Treasurer:Michael Bobick
Secretary:Ethan Tong
Advisor: Michael Morales,, 716-829-3965, 124 Sherman Hall South Campus, UB
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AxONS Association of Neuroscience Students

To ignite a supportive, unified environment among Neuroscience students/enthusiasts (welcoming non-majors!) as we procure opportunities for academic and professional development. Together, we will explore the field with outstretched arms and a love for learning - beyond the classroom; that is, embracing the intricate beauty of the brain which defines who we are.

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Date Established:
President:Saleha Mir
Vice President:Olivia Hopko
Treasurer:Chaojing Pan
Secretary:Ilya Tereshkevich
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Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Science Student Association

The Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Science Student Association serves as a supportive community for students interested in the clinical science fields. the club will promote a community for advocates through volunteerism, social events, and research.

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Date Established:
President:Eva Wisniewski
Vice President:Tanvi Dixit
Treasurer:Sophia Guadagnolo
Secretary:Lexi Yamonaco
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Communication Undergraduate Student Association (CUSA)

The objective of CUSA is to coordinate social, professional, and philanthropic events and projects to enhance UB’s undergraduate communication students' experience. It is designed to increase interaction between undergrad communication students and their professors, and their fellow undergrad students, and aid them in securing a satisfying and fulfilling communication-related job. These goals will be accomplished through events including but not limited to; professional speaker events, marketing campaigns, PR campaigns, trips to professional events in the WNY region, tours of COM-centric businesses, sending students to the National Communication Association, hosting and attending job fairs, etc.

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Date Established:
President:Dominick Matarese
Vice President:Natalie Pistor
Treasurer:Ashley Triolo
Secretary:Claire Shivinsky
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Economics Club

The purpose of the Economics club is to spark interest in Economics. We will provide an outlet where people can discuss and learn about various topics within the field of Economics. We will also create an atmosphere where students can engage with their peers and create long-term connections that will benefit their future careers.

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Date Established:
President:David Medina
Vice President:Ankita Shome
Treasurer:Daniel Viola
Secretary:Andrew Adinolfi
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English Club

English Club's goal is to bring all of UB's readers, writers, and creatives to one space where all of our interests intertwine. Establishing opportunities for each member to learn and collaborate with one another, whether it is in person or online we all remain connected and mindful of one another. 

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Date Established:
President:Grace Osaba
Vice President:Megan Michalski
Treasurer:Jack Ambrosi
Secretary:April Tamez
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Entomology Club

To teach all about the importance of insects within our ecosystems, insect anatomy, and insect identification.

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Date Established:
Vice President:Jeanne Sebesta
Treasurer:Noah Gerstein
Secretary:Rebecca Kolsch
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Environmental Network

Promote environmental awareness and activism; promote awareness locally and globally; develop a network of environmental organizations.

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Location: SU 370
President:Tara Perreault
Vice President:Brendan Roller
Treasurer:Kadin Deisenroth
Secretary:Katie Trumble
Advisor: Ira Geffner,
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Exercise Science

UB's Exercise Science Club is to strive to elevate the standards of the members, to provide useful opportunities and experiences to students in the health professions as well as promote professional growth of club members and to increase awareness of health related issues in the community. 

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President:Chris Ruiz
Vice President:Alex Lopez
Treasurer:Alexia Ruiz
Secretary:Hannah Pfeifer
Advisor: Pedro Sotelo-Peryea
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French Club

The purpose of the French club is to promote the study of the French language and culture, increase awareness of Francophone culture, and have fun with French outside of an academic setting. 

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Date Established:
President:Adam Dounane
Vice President:Mia Jakubczak
Treasurer:Jeronimo Silva
Secretary:Jessica Reale
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Korean Language Club

Create a formal extracurricular activity for Korean language learning students at the University at Buffalo. Upper-level students will be able to help lower-level students with their language learning process as well as help each other. Main activities will include vocabulary and grammar review, as well as conversational practice. Once a month, there will also be a brief covering of current events in South Korea. The club will also try to connect with some Korean exchange students at University for language exchange. 

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Date Established:
President:Kaitlyn Flynn
Vice President:Hannah Smith
Treasurer:Ryan Rohrbach
Secretary:Ainsley Rose
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Korean Student Help Center (KSHC)

1. Help new students (freshmen and transfer) to settle into UB easily.

2. Give a peer-to-peer perspective to exchange students who are coming to UB or going to a Korean University.

3. Connecting current students and new students who are in the same major so they can support each other and continue. 

4. Support international students who need help with language barriers. 

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President:Aron Park
Vice President:Sungjun Cho
Treasurer:Sungwook Sohn
Secretary:Jiun Kim
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Medical Spanish for Pre-health Professional

The goal of the club will be to build a bridge between the Spanish language and the pre-Health departments here at the University at Buffalo. We strive to inform and teach the student body important medical terminology in Spanish along with important information about the Healthcare systems of other Spanish-speaking countries.

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Date Established:
President:Cerissa Shorter
Vice President:Maryam Kirch
Treasurer:Emily Eng
Secretary:Alexandra Cuatlayo
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Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)

To provide underrepresented pre-medical students with knowledge skills and experience that are both prerequisite and concomitant to professional participation in healthcare fields. 

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President:Julia Quan
Vice President:Nayab Mesfun
Treasurer:Embely Farinango
Secretary:Nicole Agbo
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Multicultural Nursing SA

To meet the needs of minority students in the school of nursing; provide a channel of communication between minority students and administration. Meet bi-weekly 125 Kimball.

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President:Vanshika Khattar
Vice President:Marie Bacungan
Treasurer:Samantha Kinnaird
Secretary:Lily Phengsomphane
Advisor: Adrian Juarez,, 716-829-3218
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Nursing Student Organization

Purpose is to aid in the preparation of nursing students for professional responsibilities on a school and community level. Provide unity and fellowship promote support for students.

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Location: Wende 08
President:Elizabeth Mahaney
Vice President:Jillian Fisher
Treasurer:Griffin Sullivan
Secretary:Katie Annable
Advisor: Mimi Haskins,, 716-829-3231
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Philosophy, Politics and Economics Club

The purpose of the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics club is to promote the new PPE program at UB and to serve as an organized body where all students can meet to discuss the disciplines of philosophy, politics, and economics and how the three intertwine to create what is known today as the modern American political landscape. 

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Date Established:
President:Michael Xenos
Vice President:Valerie Juang
Treasurer:Maddy McCormack
Secretary:Robert Caputi
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Political Science Undergraduate Student Association

The mission of the PSUSA is to provide students of Political Science with a forum for discussion in an all-inclusive environment. The PSUSA also aims to expand students' knowledge of and participation in politics at the local, state, and national levels. The club is furthermore committed to raising political awareness and serving the community. 

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Date Established:
President:Emily Barber
Vice President:Kaitlyn Flynn
Treasurer:Paul Dolce
Secretary:Jasmin Gill
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Pre Meds Without Borders

Pre-Meds Without Borders is a medically based club focused on creating a platform to discuss heath care both in the U.S. and abroad. By establishing partnerships and coordinating with local non profits, we continue to provide a place for emerging leaders in the pre-medical field to make meaningful contributions in their community and the greater global community.

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President:Kamya Shah
Vice President:Danielle Hurtado
Treasurer:Paige Lammers
Secretary:Bhakti Kulkarni
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Pre-Dental Association

Provide information assistance opportunities to students interested in pursuing a future in dentistry or dental related professions. Foster kinship among members.

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Location: SU 325
President:Zofia Rozmus
Vice President:Khrystyna Adam
Treasurer:Bryce North
Secretary:Jacob Barry
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Pre-Optometry Association

UB Pre-optometry Association is a club devoted to students on the pre-optometry track at UB! It is dedicated to supporting students interested in applying to OptomCAS, studying for the OAT, or looking to learn more about this healthcare field.

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Date Established:
President:Heraa Arshad
Vice President:Angelica Perez
Treasurer:Isabella Dennison
Secretary:Mollie Friar
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Pre-Pharmacy Club

The purpose of Pre-Pharmacy Club is to educate University at Buffalo Undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy. We will provide opportunities for student to further themselves in the field of pharmacy. Some of which would be resume workshops, informative panels, interview preparation , and more.

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Date Established:
President:sean kaw
Vice President:fatimah alkhafaji
Treasurer:sufyan el kortas
Secretary:nina zheng
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Pre-Physician Assistant Society

To give pre-PA students opportunities and experiences for learning about the application process and the profession. This club will benefit the Undergraduates of UB by offering educational opportunities and speakers as well as community outreach and service activities. These speakers will either be current PA's or representatives of colleges, offering a questions/answer session over Zoom about their PA program. Overall, it will serve as an outlet for those who want to pursue the PA path and what steps they can take to achieve this as it is an overwhelming process.

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Date Established:
President:Anna Testa
Vice President:Vienna Volpe
Treasurer:Fattimah Fakih
Secretary:Emily Eichner
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pre-Student Occupational Therapy Association Club

Provide pre-Occupational Therapy majors the opportunity to socially engage with each other and professional Occupational Therapy Major students. Provide pre-Occupational Therapy major students the opportunity to participate in community service efforts in the Buffalo area. Inform the University at Buffalo community of the role of occupational therapy professionals in the healthcare field. 

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Date Established:
President:Isabella Peralta
Vice President:Yelisse Jaramillo
Treasurer:Abby Obrist
Secretary:Riley Guy
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Pre-Veterinary Association

Pre-Vet students that attend UB are forced to find opportunities and assistance elsewhere due to the lack of support they receive from pre-health advisors and superiors alike. A pre-vet club at UB would allow students interested in this field to communicate with their peers that are passionate about pursuing a similar career. Members of the club would be able to discuss their experiences in the veterinary field and how to find various opportunities that allow them to not only make their applications stand out, but also broaden their career options in regard to their professional speciality. This club would entail of weekly/biweekly meetings that would include discussions about applying to vet school, volunteering with animals of different interests, and fundraising/donating to animal shelters or rescues in need. 

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Date Established:
President:Alexis Cohen
Vice President:Madison Niespodzinski
Treasurer:Tori Cobane
Secretary:Amanda Petrarchi
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Public Health Club

The purpose of the Public Health Club is to provide undergraduate students interested in the field of Public Health a platform to network with other students and faculty, learn about various Public Health issues globally and in our community, and volunteer for Public Health related organizations. Additionally the club will act to inform and educate the University at Buffalo community on relevant Public Health  concerns.

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Date Established:
President:Puspa Sabu
Vice President:Alexa Lubin
Treasurer:Alexis Park
Secretary:Aria Grisham
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Public Speaking Organization

The purpose of this organization is to enhance your public speaking by giving a speech on any topic in an environment where there is no place to be judged.

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Date Established:
President:Fatima Khan
Vice President:Haiqa Khan
Treasurer:Shohely Anonna
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STEM Faith Club for International Students

The purpose of the proposed club is to provide support and encouragement to students of faith during the academic studies.

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Date Established:
President:Jason Chen
Vice President:Kai Zhang
Treasurer:Jiarui Li
Secretary:Jesus Bailon
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Student Association for Speech and Hearing (SASH)

To provide educate undergraduate students about graduate CDS programs, community service and how to make the most out of their degree.

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President:Helena Miller
Vice President:Kaitlyn Silvernail
Treasurer:Zoe Pezouvanis
Secretary:Veronica Duran
Advisor: Erin O’Brien Wilson,
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The Women's Network: Buffalo

The Women's Network: Buffalo (TWN-Buffalo) was created for ambitious women looking to grow professionally while being lifted by their community. TWN-Buffalo offers opportunities to gain exposure to the professional world, network with high-profile speakers, and meet peers around their campus and the country. 

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Date Established:
President:Ruth-Ann Saddler
Vice President:Rebbeca Mainviel Boniface
Treasurer:Gabriela Llamoca
Secretary:Sanskriti Bansal
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Undergraduate Biology Association

The UBA aims to encourage experiential learning in the biological sciences through the promotion of community service and research. The club hopes to foster a positive environment for students to become more involved with the biological sciences and related fields.

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Club E-Mail:
President:Brendan Roller
Vice President:Kamya Shah
Treasurer:Sanjida Riea
Secretary:Daniel Bedoya
Advisor: Dr. Koudelka,, (716) 645-4904
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Undergraduate Geology Club

Develop and practice skills necessary to become competent and successful geologists. Prepare students for entering the field of geology.

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Club E-Mail:
Location: Cooke 126
President:Christopher Garbutt
Vice President:Derek Zurenda
Treasurer:Kit Cross
Secretary:Raheeb Hasan
Advisor: Dr. Jason Briner
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Undergraduate Psychology Association

To promote the study of and interest in psychology in and beyond the university setting.

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Location: Park Hall 212
President:Emma Covillon
Vice President:Nicole Guzman
Treasurer:Hanaa Joumad
Secretary:Julia Neimeier
Advisor: Christa Greenberg,, 716-645-3650
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