Student Government

Executive Branch

This branch is overseen by the SA Executive Board (E-Board), which consists of the president, vice president, treasurer, who are elected each spring semester. Their responsibilities include overseeing and enforcing the SA by-laws and serving as the leading advocates for the undergraduate student body.

Legislative Branch

This branch contains the SA Senate, which is responsible for the allocation of the SA budget and the recognition/derecognition of SA clubs. The Senate determines the annual budgetary allocations for clubs based on recommendations by the Board of Directors Finance Committee. The Senate Board of Directors is comprised of 23 members. 11 directors are members by virtue of their offices within SA (3 E-Board members, 7 council coordinators elected by their respective councils, and the Student Affairs director). The remaining 12 directors are elected by the undergraduate students at the beginning of the fall semester. The Senate also enacts resolutions concerning issues of importance to the undergraduate student body in regards to issues of academic policy, student rights, and student welfare. The Senate may also create ad hoc positions, agencies, task forces, and committees to take action on any of the aforementioned items.

Current Executive Board


Becky Paul-Odionhin
Industrial Engineering Major, Management Minor
Her favorite color is yellow!

Vice President

Grace McDowell
Public Health Major,
American Sign Language Minor
She's wants to visit all 50 states by 25 (and is at 29/50)!


Unnati Agarwal
Biomedical Engineering Major, Computer Science Minor
She loves swimming!

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