Coaching Agreement

Coach Agreement

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Welcome to the Coaching Agreement Creation wizard:

This form is intended for club officers to use, to request creation an agreement between the University at Buffalo Student Association Inc. ("SA") and a coach.

Please fill out this form to request SA generate a new Agreement. Note that this process generally takes a week depending on a number of factors.

The club's Treasurer or President MUST request funds for the expenditure described in the requested agreement, and the request for funds must be approved by the SA Treasurer in the SAFE system before the agreement may be released. 


  1. Request funds through SAFE (if there is a cost associated with this agreement).
  2. Initial submission via this form
  3. Initial review by SA Staff
  4. Submitted to Campus Life for review if over $2,500 (may take up to 2 weeks)
  5. An agreement may be executed on behalf of SA (including for any SA club) only if such agreement is executed by the SA Treasurer and either the SA President or SA Vice President. No one else may sign any agreement on behalf of SA or any SA club. SA E-Board approval is not guaranteed.

*All time frames stated are estimates. No turnaround time is guaranteed.

What do you need to know before you continue? – Coaching Agreement:

  1. Contact info for yourself
  2. Event:  Name, Description & Location
  3. Coach contact info
  4. What date/time:
    1. Does this contract term begin?
    2. Does this contract term end?
  5. How much will SA/this club be paying this Coach?
  6. The legal name and address of the payee (must match the person or entity receiving payment as presented on their W9) and email address.
  7. Is there already a W9 on file? (check with SA finance department)
  8. Are there any other terms or conditions to this agreement?

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