General Spending Questions

How do I request money for my events?

All requests are entered through the SAFE system on the SA website. Only a club's listed President and Treasurer are able to access SAFE.

How do I fill out a request form on SAFE?
What is a tax-exempt form? Will SA pay for/reimburse me for tax?
What is a Purchase Order (PO)
I uploaded all the required documents to SAFE, but my PO hasn't been update. What should I do?
What is a preferred vendor?
Why should I use a vendor that is already approved in SAFE?
What do I do once I have a PO?
What do I do after I give my vendor the PO?
What is an advance check?
What is a reimbursement
Can I get reimbursed for my cash payments?
What do I need to process my reimbursement?
When do I need to put in a SAFE request?

Events Questions

When do I need a food permit for my events?

You need a food permit from EH&S any time your club is providing food that is not commercially packaged.

When do I not need a food permit for my events
Can I give out prizes at my event?
Can I give out gift cards as prizes?

Travel Questions

What if my club needs to travel? (Car, plane, bus, hotel, etc.)

SA processes club requests for transportation and lodging.  There are request forms on the SA website for flights, car rentals, bus rentals, and hotels. The relevant form must be completed in addition to a funds request on SAFE. Please email ubsa@buffalo.edu before requesting flights or out-of-area vehicles.

How much do car rentals cost?
If a club member drives to a club event, can they get reimbursed for gas and tolls?
Why should I use Red Roof Inn

Sports Questions

How do I pay for my club's league fees?

In addition to a SAFE request, you must submit a contract review form via the SA website.

What if my league/organization requires an advance check for dues or competition fees?
Can I pay my referees, trainers, and/or coaches with an advance check?

Fundraiser Questions

How do I set up a fundraiser?

Submit a club fundraising request form (under contract review form on the SA forms site); SA will fill out the online form for the club and send all communications to the requester.

What kinds of fundraisers can my club do?

Miscellaneous Questions

Can I buy alcohol for events?

No, under no circumstances can your club budget be used to pay for alcohol. See page 16 of the Finance Handbook for any other unacceptable expenditures.

How do I get merchandise for my club? (I.e. shirts)
How do I order from Amazon using my club budget?

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