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Coordinator: Jessica Ellis

The International Council consists of a wide array of diverse clubs celebrating the cultures and nationalities across the globe. Students are given the opportunity to learn about other cultures, lifestyles and traditions, in addition to celebrate these experiences first hand. Through dance, music, food, art, language, and so much more, the International clubs facilitate a welcoming environment for all students. The International Council organizes annual events such as International Fiesta, International Soccer Tournament, and International Iron Chef, which showcases the pride and heritage of the clubs and their traditions.

African SA

To affirm our determination to achieve and maintain unity among the members, regardless of race, creed, color, sex or political belief; we assert our commitment to learning about African values and promoting a true image of Africa in the University and the Buffalo community. To foster the understanding of Africa in this University, and the surrounding communities. To promote a true image of Pan African Spirit in the University and Buffalo Communities. To encourage all African students in the University to participate in activities of the Organization.

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Date Established:
Club E-Mail:
Location: 371
President:Rokhaya Sambe
Vice President:Justin Nyantakyi
Treasurer:Temilayo Anthony
Secretary:Stephanie Sam
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Azerbaijani - Turkish Club

ATC aspires to promote Azerbaijani and Turkish culture by social, educational, and recreational means to all. We are aiming to create a support network for both international and native students.

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Date Established:
President:Aypara Purveli
Vice President:Kaly Lin
Treasurer:Salsabil Syeda
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Balkan SA

To promote the cultures, languages and traditions of the peoples of the Balkan Peninsula. This will allow students to develop different perspectives and learn about new cultures and regions around the world. Countries that will be represented will be Serbia, Albania, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Bulgaria. It will allow us to build a community for people from this region and allow students to hang out and have fun.

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Date Established:
President:Niko Panagopoulos
Vice President:
Treasurer:Jozef Noka
Secretary:Nikolina Cejic
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Bengali Student Association

The purpose of this organization is to establish an open environment that allows students to promote cultural awareness. We plan to host events that allow students to learn Bengali history, clothing, food, dance, music, language, literature and all that falls into the understanding of the culture.

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Date Established:
President:Fardin Apurbo
Vice President:Nafisa Nawshin
Treasurer:Ameer Faisal
Secretary:Tahreema Turna
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Caribbean SA


CSA is an international council organization that stands as a representation of the Caribbean population at UB. We foster conversations and events around educating everyone about different aspects of the Caribbean culture, through informative and fun events. We serve as a home away from home for all Caribbean and non-Caribbean students. We serve as a medium where UB students can meet different individuals who share common goal as themselves. Overall we serve as a family and like our motto says; Out Of Many We Are One!

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Club E-Mail:
Location: SU 307
President:Jessica Ellis
Vice President:Tangeniqua Washington
Treasurer:Justin Ivory
Secretary:Breanna Reeves
Advisor: Juwan Thompson,
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Chinese SA

Promote cultural exchange and understanding among students at UB. Introduce Chinese cultural and intellectual heritage. Assist new students upon arrival at UB.

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Location: SU 372
President:Ricky Dong
Vice President:Hongwei He
Treasurer:Winnie Lam
Secretary:Yifan Liu
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Filipino American SA

To educate all students on Filipino cultural topics and issues, whether they of Filipino descent or non-Filipino descent, unite and empower them with a united voice. We do hereby agree to uphold all regulations of the University at Buffalo, the Undergraduate Student Association (SA), and the State University of New York.

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President:Sam Urriza
Vice President:Emma Dollopac
Treasurer:Jacob Barry
Secretary:Tina Li
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Friends of Ukraine

Friends of Ukraine is a cultural organization that seeks to celebrate and share Ukrainian heritage, culture, customs and language with the University community. This organization opens its arms to everyone who wishes to learn and enjoy Ukrainian traditions. Our goals are to honor, celebrate and perpetuate cherished traditions that have shaped our culture and to create a supportive network for students of the University.

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Date Established:
President:Khrystyna Adam
Vice President:Eleanor byrne
Treasurer:Anna Klymkovych
Secretary:Roxy Tyminska
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Himalayan Student Association

The purpose of the club is to promote and give a sense of belonging to the Nepalese and Tibetan students in the UB community. Also, we want to educate and preserve the Nepalese and Tibetan culture at UB. 

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Date Established:
President:Tenzin Bhuti
Vice President:Chhime Lama
Treasurer:Kalsang Bhutia
Secretary:Tenzin Pema
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Hong Kong SA

Hong Kong SA seeks to promote the culture of Hong Kong through workshops and events to unite its members in a single identity and to foster relationships within the student body. Although Hong Kong  is part of China as of July 1 1997 there are various aspects that differentiate its organization separate from other Asian clubs.

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Location: SU 322
President:Joan Liu
Vice President:Edison Yu
Treasurer:Jeff Ho
Secretary:Krystal Cheung
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Indian SA

We, the people of Indian origin, students at the State University of New York at Buffalo, aim to:

  • Promote the cultural and educational atmosphere of SUNY at Buffalo
  • Promote the general welfare of everyone, regardless of origin, at the University
  • Promote international understanding and the friendship between different student bodies

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Club E-Mail:
President:Kajol Chudgar
Vice President:Ziana Shariff
Treasurer:Tenny Benny
Secretary:Megha Rajpurohit
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Indonesian SA

Promote cultural exchange and understanding. Introduce Indonesian intellectual and cultural heritage. Assist new students.

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Club E-Mail:
Location: SU 373
President:Zedechiah Tingiecieh
Vice President:Jessica Anastasia
Treasurer:Pak Hei Chan
Secretary:Jonathan Lam
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Italian SA

The Italian Student Association is a cultural organization that celebrates and shares the Italian heritage, culture, customs, and language with the university community. This organization seeks to form bonds between those who have similar backgrounds or those that want to learn more about Italian traditions.

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Date Established:
President:Alyssa Ascani
Vice President:Megan Polidori
Treasurer:Sophia Emma
Secretary:Carol Recinos Luna
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Korean SA

KASA strives to cultivate and promote  an interest in Korean and Korean-American history culture and many other facets of the Korean-American experience by providing opportunities for University at Buffalo students and other college students to come together on a social and cultural level.

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Location: SU 322
President:Adrianna Jarvis
Vice President:Justeen Browne
Treasurer:Xi Lin
Secretary:Ngan Khuat
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Latin American SA

The Latin American Student Association of the State University at Buffalo is a student-run and funded organization. The goals of this organization are as follows:

  • To educate members the university community and the community at large about Latin American culture.
  • To educate about and treat issues that affect our communities.
  • To actively get involved in the community and provide support wherever necessary.
  • To actively work with other organizations both on and off campus to better our communities.
  • To honor celebrate and perpetuate the traditions and customs that have shaped our cultures and identities.
  • To create and maintain a support network for students at the university.
  • To promote academic excellence personal and intellectual growth and leadership development.
  • To create activities and events that promote diversity unity cultural awareness and respect.

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Location: SU 372
President:Yaide Valdez
Vice President:Alexandra Taveras
Treasurer:Adrian Alvarez
Secretary:Jonathan Zotamba
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Nepali Student Association

We, as a club, believe in cultivating and sharing knowledge about Nepal and its cultural heritage via social and cultural activities. The Nepali Students Association (NSA) works to strengthen ties among Nepalese students at UB and has a strong conviction in the community's ability to stand together. We, as members, are truly devoted to helping the Nepalese students at Buffalo University overcome the obstacles they face during and after their education. To help newcomers adjust smoothly to university life and give them a taste of what it's like to be a true blue, the group also offers assistance and counseling. We also plan to cooperate and take part in activities of mutual interest with other groups on campus and in the City of Buffalo because we also believe in the connection between different cultures.

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Date Established:
President:Abhi Ramtel
Vice President:Nischal Sunar
Treasurer:Sparsh Guruwacharya
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Organization of Arab Students

The Organization of Arab Students aspires to educate and promote understanding of the Arab cultures among the student body at the University at Buffalo and the Buffalo community. This will be implemented through provided educational and recreational activities in a friendly atmosphere that best serves all. 

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President:Mohrael Attia
Vice President:Ahmad Abu Ramadan
Treasurer:Yousef Abd Elnaser Ahmad Abdallah
Secretary:Lena Issa
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Pakistani SA

The purpose of this club is to educate students and promote Pakistani culture.

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President:Nehaal Siddiqi
Vice President:Mansoor Ali
Treasurer:Fizza Imam
Secretary:Anushka Malhotra
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Singapore SA

To provide a common ground of understanding between individuals of various ethic origins at the University at Buffalo through social, cultural and educational activities. Members of the Singapore Student Association ("SGSA") will develop deeper understanding of Singapore. The organization also serves to unite Singaporeans in the University at Buffalo as well as to help them adjust to the American culture.

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President:Jonathan Lam
Vice President:ShiJey Chan
Treasurer:Rachel Ho
Secretary:Czarina Elyssa Gementiza Gutierrez
Advisor: Paul Yong (716) 597-7052
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Sri Lankan Student Association

The purpose of our club is to help spread the Sri Lankan traditions and culture within the UB community. This will also be an opportunity for incoming UB students to easily get in touch with the Sri Lankan community at UB moreover, it will be a pillar to UB's success in spreading diversity. 

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Date Established:
President:Muhammed Thaaqib Muhammed Intikhab
Vice President:Joshane Fernando
Treasurer:Alex Grover
Secretary:Semini Gunarathne
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Taiwanese SA

The purpose of the Taiwanese Student Association is to bring together, to assist, and to promote mutual interest and understanding among the Taiwanese in UB community. The Association shall also serve to promote of the Taiwanese culture in the UB Community.

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President:Mike Chen
Vice President:Joseph Lin
Treasurer:Shelly Lin
Secretary:Mabel Tsou
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Vietnamese SA

The Vietnamese Student Association aims to preserve and promote Vietnamese cultural and historical awareness at the University at Buffalo, and the surrounding community by providing programs and support for students to establish a common ground for cultural awareness

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Location: SU 376
President:Christina Pham
Vice President:Anna Quan
Treasurer:Bella Nguyen
Secretary:Hannah Pham
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