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Coordinator: Justin Barnes

The Sports Council consists of club sporting teams that compete against club teams of other universities throughout the nation. Our sports clubs provide a great opportunity for student athletes who have chosen not to play on Division I teams, but still desire to play, compete and continue their love for the game. The Sports clubs conduct regular practices, travel to and host competitions and host events for their members and the community. Many of our Sports clubs and individual members have been successful in ranking nationally.

Aces Tennis

Ensure court time for students to play tennis. Meet 2x per week 370 SU.

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President:Justin Barnes
Vice President:Vincent Dieffenbaugher
Treasurer:Arnav Shah
Secretary:Jacob Pompeii
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Badminton Club

Badminton club not only involves playing badminton but also keeps our participating club members physically and mentally healthy through badminton.

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Date Established:
President:Aniket Maini
Vice President:
Treasurer:Shweta Pillai
Secretary:Ivy Mon
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  • To help improve and teach bass fishing skills and techniques.
  • To practice and perform safe outdoor activities while obeying all laws.
  • To be active in the growth and conservation of bass finishing.
  • To be able to compete in the sport of bass fishing at the collegiate level.

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Date Established:
President:Bobby Beck
Vice President:Kyle Ashe
Treasurer:Cayden Vohwinkel
Secretary:Andrew Murphy
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Bowling Club

The purpose of this organization is to bring students together to interact through a game of bowling. This would allow them to gather together outside of an academic setting and provide students with another option in their extra-curricular activities. Furthermore, it can bring students with different career tracks together and connect them over a friendly game. Our goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle through improving hand-eye coordination and strengthening muscles. This can be an easy way for students to get their daily workouts in. In addition to the physical health benefits, it would also provide mental health benefits. Bowling can be relaxing and stress relieving, understanding that students always have their plate full with school work. 

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Date Established:
President:Kiara Brown
Vice President:Montana Desabio
Treasurer:Trevor Barnes
Secretary:Ashlee Brinthaupt
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Boxing Club

  1. To involve, educate, and promote boxing through events and activities
  2. Allow students to learn proper boxing techniques in a safe environment
  3. Allow for the development of teamwork, discipline and self-esteem through training

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Club E-Mail:
President:Samuel Dashley
Vice President:Thierry Juang
Treasurer:Andrew Daddario
Secretary:Alvi Hossain
Advisor: Kristen McMurtree, 716-374-5575,
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Club Baseball

The purpose of our club is to have fun playing baseball while competing in the NCBA Div 2 league. We strive to compete hard in the league while also enjoying baseball with our teammates and friends. 

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President:Matt Fumerelle
Vice President:Shawn Gerber
Treasurer:Joeseph Bognanno
Secretary:Phillip Marcello
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Crew Rowing Team

Objective of the club is to promote the sport of rowing at UB to broaden the lives of students at UB by giving them the opportunity for them to row. To give students that row a positive college experience a better more productive life self discipline physical fitness and sense of team work team spirit and personal satisfaction that the unique rowing experiences requires.

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President:Allison Virgo
Vice President:Brigid McCormack
Treasurer:Eric Meilunas
Secretary:Billy Monderine
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Cross Country Skiing

Our club will provide an opportunity for students to train and compete on a collegiate-level cross country skiing team. We will have weekly training sessions during both semesters to increase fitness and aptitude for the sport. During the ski season, we will compete in several races across the state with the goal of placing high as a team. 

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Date Established:
President:John Toftegaard
Vice President:Dylan Herrold
Treasurer:Morghan DeSalvatore
Secretary:Catherine Seidl
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Disc Golf Club

The purpose of the club will be to educate and teach the UB community about this great sport and to provide options to play both competitively and recreationally.

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Date Established:
President:Jose de Ondarza
Vice President:Luke DeBritz
Treasurer:Andrew Ralicki
Secretary:Jay Pierce
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Equestrian Club

  1. Holding weekly horseback riding lessons that will emphasize skills, learning, sportsmanship, fun and competition. Lessons will allow:
    1. Camaraderie between UB students with a shared interest in horses and the equine sport
    2. More students to be involved in the equine sport.
  2. We are part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) which allows us to:
    1. Promote competition for riders of all skill levels, who compete individually as well as a team.

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Club E-Mail:
President:Megan Wildermuth
Vice President:Corrin Raynor
Treasurer:Jillian Sepessey
Secretary:Justine Kurowski
Advisor: Chrissie Hannon,, (716) 648-1908
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Fencing Club

To provide students the opportunity to learn and practice fencing as part of a sports team.

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Club E-Mail:
President:Anish Avasthi
Vice President:Frank Caputo
Treasurer:Minh Nam Nguyen
Secretary:Agnes Tong
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Field Hockey

Develop skills necessary to play competitive field hockey against surrounding area hockey teams. Activities: Practice team dinners fundraising community service events.

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Club E-Mail:
President:Megan Quinn
Vice President:Jillian Quinn
Treasurer:Erika Sneider
Secretary:Sydney Goldberg
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Judo No Kata

The purpose of Judo No Kata is to provide students with an opportunity to better themselves physically, mentally, and socially through the age -old art of judo. Judo translated means gentle way and this club is founded with the intent of discovering the true beauty of the many forms of Judo, hence the name Judo No Kata (the forms of Judo).

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Date Established:
President:Arianna Lombardo
Vice President:Abigale Hewitt
Treasurer:Bryan Lukyanenko
Secretary:Serenity Kemp
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Kendo Club

UB Kendo Club would love to provide students with the opportunity to learn, practice and compete in Kendo, thereby increasing the popularity of the sport. We also participate in tournaments across the Western NY area and Canada.

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Club E-Mail:
President:Zachary Lin
Vice President:Brigid Hickey
Treasurer:Jun Tan
Secretary:Jack Killorin
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Men's Club Soccer

The University at Buffalo Men's Club Soccer gives non-varsity soccer players a chance to get out and play on an organized tea. The main purpose of the club is to develop the players' skills by competing against other local colleges and universities. This club will be the next step up from UB's intramural program.

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President:Mateo Hernandez
Vice President:Will Breski
Treasurer:Harry Vought
Secretary:John Colombo
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Men's Ice Hockey

Provide organized competitive hockey on a collegiate level. Promote good sportsmanship cooperation professional growth. Approx. 30 game schedule from Sept. to March. Meetings at Pepsi Center.

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President:Anthony Trigilio
Vice President:Anthony Coty
Treasurer:Ryan Kelly
Secretary:Cam Bass
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Men's Lacrosse

Provide interested members a place to play and enjoy Lacrosse. Meetings in Student Union.

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President:Mathew Gavin
Vice President:Jack Forbes
Treasurer:Andrew Hughes
Secretary:Nicholas Kemmis
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Men's Rugby

The purpose of this club is to provide students the opportunity to practice and play competitive rugby.

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President:Sean Hauptman
Vice President:James Derleth
Treasurer:Scott Hopkins
Secretary:Braeden Cairns
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Men's Volleyball

To improve the volleyball knowledge and skills of the students playing in the club. Also to compete against other college club volleyball teams.

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President:Sergio Sandoval
Vice President:Massimo Vasta
Treasurer:Brian Kong
Secretary:Herman Kong
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Running Club

  1. The purpose of this club is to help provide an environment for University at Buffalo students to practice running in a healthy atmosphere and to learn the benefits of running.
  2. To unite runners at the University at Buffalo who wish to compete against other universities.
  3. The Club shall be broken into three sessions per year. Fall session, winter session and spring session
    1. Fall running is targeted at Cross Country (distance).
    2. Winter and spring running is targeted at Track and Field (distance, sprinting and field).

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Club E-Mail:
President:Kate Fetsyak
Vice President:Andgeo Baidoos
Treasurer:Catherine Crivelli
Secretary:Trinity Ruckdaschel
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The purpose of this club is to give UB students the opportunity to play and learn about the sport of fast pitch softball.  All interested athletes will learn the basics of fielding techniques (infield and outfield), batting techniques, as well as game situations.  We encourage athletes to learn, compete, and have fun as they immerse themselves in a position to gain leadership skills as well as staying fit!

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Date Established:
President:Amanda Fameli
Vice President:Gabby Miletsky
Treasurer:Katelyn Hawkins
Secretary:Grace Bargnesi
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Spikeball Club

The purpose of this club is to provide UB students with the opportunity to remain physically active, while meeting new peers and playing Spikeball.

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Date Established:
President:Ben Volpe
Vice President:Ella Markham
Treasurer:Ava Fetzner
Secretary:Jack Carbonaro
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Swimming Club

UB Club Swimming is a non-political organization. The purpose of UB Club Swimming shall be:

  • To organize the activities and opportunities for competitive swimmers within the community of the University at Buffalo.
  • To enhance the popularity of competitive swimming within the University at Buffalo.
  • To hold swim practices regularly as a team.

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President:Carson Spina
Vice President:Matt Agurto
Treasurer:Allison Welch
Secretary:Kiara Williams
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Table Tennis

To provide a platform for UB students who are interested in playing Table Tennis. Help club members improve their skills, enhance the communication between club members, make more competitive during tournament.

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President:Steven Wang
Vice President:Melissa Chan
Treasurer:Andrew Li
Secretary:Jacky Chai
Advisor: Eugene Colucci,
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Tae Kwon Do (TKD)

Pursue the value of Tae Kwon Do through physical education and competition.

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Club E-Mail:
President:Humayun Amjad
Vice President:Esteban Colon
Treasurer:Ramez Javed
Secretary:Andrew Peralta
Advisor: Head Coach Andrew Park, 917-575-0440
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UBGA Golf Association

UBGA's purpose is to provide UB students with an opportunity to play the great sport of Golf. There will be both competitive and non-competitive options for club members, in which they can choose to compete against other club teams or just have a group of fellow golfers always ready to get a round in! Any and all skill sets are welcome!

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Date Established:
President:Tanner Kulbacki
Vice President:Bubba Rustowicz
Treasurer:cavan derrigan
Secretary:Ronald Appoloney
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Ultimate Frisbee

Learn skills and strategies from experienced players and coaches; compete against club and college teams.

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Club E-Mail:
President:Asa Mohammed
Vice President:Lucas Taber
Treasurer:Jacob Korotkin
Secretary:Thomas Graham
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Water Polo

To participate and compete in the colligate water polo community through the Colligate Water Polo Association (CWPA), independent tournaments and scrimmages. 

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Date Established:
Club E-Mail:
President:Patrick Quealy
Vice President:David Hedquist
Treasurer:Kyle Hagrman
Secretary:Connor Quimby
Advisor: Tim Eimstad,
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Wiffle Ball Club

The purpose of the Wiffle Ball Club is to give students an opportunity to play Wiffle Ball with other students in a casual setting regardless of skill level. The goal is to give everyone an enjoyable experience playing the backyard game of Wiffle Ball. 

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Date Established:
President:Josh Evans
Vice President:Spencer Cowen
Treasurer:Joey McAuliffe
Secretary:Matt Hendler
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Women's Club Basketball

Practice and play organized basketball, as well as enhance community around us.

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President:Jessica Tolve
Vice President:Jen Grimm
Treasurer:Joelle Maitland
Secretary:Alexis Long
Advisor: Matt Orszewski
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Women's Club Rugby

To Compete in a collegiate, regional division of rugby as part of the national USA Rugby organization. To serve as an active sports club of the University at Buffalo, and community, through Student Association club activities, fundraising, and community service.

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Date Established:
President:Isley Gebman
Vice President:Carla Stoloski
Treasurer:Trinity Rich
Secretary:Kayla Mcnall
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Women's Club Soccer

Develop skills for a varsity team. Play on an organized team; compete with other colleges and universities.

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President:Katie Long
Vice President:Claudia Scampoli
Treasurer:makaila potillo
Secretary:Katie Cowen
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Women's Club Volleyball

Improve knowledge and skills promote a friendly environment for competition.

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Club E-Mail:
President:Grace McNamara
Vice President:Melanie Mingle
Treasurer:Kim Koval
Secretary:Sarah Denman
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Women's Ice Hockey

The purpose of this club is to bring together female students, staff and faculty of the University at Buffalo (UB) whose common interest is ice hockey and develop programming to enhance their performance and enjoyment of the sport.

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Club E-Mail:
President:Carlee Foley
Vice President:Isabella Battaglia
Treasurer:Emily Matthew
Secretary:Samantha Czora
Advisor: Phil Basinski,
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Women's Lacrosse

The intentional purpose of our club is to actively involve any female or male student currently enrolled at the University at Buffalo who wishes to play lacrosse. By creating an amicable and competitive environment, we strive to increase player relationships through team unity by: community service, fundraising events, advertisement of women's athletes, and most importantly, by increase our game potential through stick work. The University at buffalo Women's Lacrosse Team is a paid member of the Midwest Division of the United States Women's Lacrosse Association as well as the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League. We compete on a collegiate club level with other women's teams in these leagues. Males may not participate in league games, but are welcome to join the team.

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Club E-Mail:
President:Joan Crowley
Vice President:Charlotte Alvord
Treasurer:Isabella Raber
Secretary:Alison Casson
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The purpose of UBWC is to actively involve students in the sport of wresting. The club serves to:

  • Involve affiliates of the University at Buffalo in the sport of wrestling.
  • Promote the sport of wrestling.
  • Create a healthy environment for recreation and competition.
  • Promote community by being involved in service and fundraising.

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President:Jonathan Chen
Vice President:Josh Robinson
Treasurer:Bryan Lukyaneko
Secretary:Allie Hanna
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