These officials manage the UB Student Government for a one year term, providing leadership and guidance to fulfill the needs of the UB Undergraduates.

These trusted directors handle all of the high profile projects that don't fall under one specific SA department.

These are the individuals elected into leadership roles within the Senate and the Assembly.

All of SA's clubs are categorized in one of seven councils. Every year the clubs in each council elect a representative to lead their council. Throughout the year, these individuals manage club interests and find opportunities for their clubs.

Our team of graphic artists, photographers, videographers, and promotional staff are dedicated to advertising and documenting everything that SA has to offer. They are also available to cover club events and activities.

This department is responsible for organizing hundreds of events for students, from Fest to t-shirt tie-dying. Each year they create, develop, execute and supervise original programming.


This department provides rental equipment to clubs for meetings and small scale events, as well as full sound systems and staff for larger club events..

This staff is responsible for advocating the needs of the UB Undergraduate student body.


This team is responsible for providing resources and information for clubs. They also plan SA service events and SA participation.

This staff is responsible for managing the SA budget and all requests submitted by clubs to use their own budgets for materials, events, and activities.


Our office staff handle all of the daily traffic. From new students looking for information on clubs and events to assisting club officers, these are the people that get you where you need to be, whether you're walking in the front door or giving us a call.

With over a combined 40+ years of experience, our professional staff provide both continuity and guidance to help the student leadership make informed decisions.

This board establishes and promotes educational activities and relationships between the students and faculty of the university. They also aid the students, faculty, and administration in the furtherance of their education, work, living, and co-curricular activities in collaboration with the educational goals of the University.


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