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Coordinator: Jacob Murphy

The Hobby Council represents a wide range of activities for UB students to enjoy. Whether you want to learn a new hobby, or want to continue your passion, this Council is the place for you.  Our clubs range from music, fitness, creating, playing and anything and everything to help you unwind and relax after your academic studies. 

Academic Bowl

The purpose and mission of the UB Academic bowl is to foster friendly, academic competition within the UB community; to compete in team and individual academic contests regionally and nationally; finally, to work to establish such competition as a means towards achieving a complete collegiate education. 

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Location: SU 316
President:Emily Macfarlane
Vice President:
Treasurer:Hayley Mundy
Secretary:Dominic Emphasis


  1. To introduce Japanese culture through Japanese anime.
  2. To bring together people with our common interest in anime.
  3. To provide and maintain a source of anime, though a library, to donors.

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Location: SU 303
President:Tamaji Tigenoah
Vice President:Anthony Spanitz
Treasurer:Tony Yang
Secretary:Eric Posses

Audubon Club

To educate the importance of birds both locally and worldwide.

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Date Established:
President:Ethan Paley
Vice President:Melanie Rushton
Treasurer:Aidan Hotaling
Secretary:John Brubacker

Chess Club

To create an enjoyable chess environment for students what would like to play and learn how to play chess.

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Date Established:
President:Nicholas Tagtmeyer
Vice President:Ryan Jong
Treasurer:Ana Bellanti
Secretary:Melissa Eng

Cornhole Club

The purpose of this club is to provide students an opportunity to practice their cornhole skills and compete against other members of the club, all while meeting new people with whom they share a similar interest and enjoy themselves.

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Date Established:
President:Luke Wereski
Vice President:Adam Velasquez
Treasurer:Greg Sweet
Secretary:Ryan Lott Diamond


1. To bring together people with a common interest in cosplay.
2. To educate and share different techniques of cosplay, be they sewing, crafting, or any other cosplay-related skill.
3. To assist in the creation or fabrication needs of any member by means of providing resources including work space, tools, fabrics, etc. 

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Date Established:
President:Kay Wu
Vice President:Cristal Perez Gautreaux
Treasurer:Howell Phillips
Secretary:Arianna Hayes

Creative Arts Club

Creative Arts Club aspires to create an all-inclusive club for students at the University at Buffalo to create and learn art by providing educational, social, and recreational activities. This club will hold events for students to learn skills, volunteer, and eventually visit some local museums. We further promote diversity and inclusion by hoisting some events geared toward cultural art as well. Additionally, this club is a place to relax and enjoy yourself to take away the daily stresses of college life.

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Date Established:
President:Kaly Lin
Vice President:Daphkar Albert
Treasurer:Neha Anil Kumar
Secretary:Mahiyat Alam

Crochet Club

To provide students with a relaxing environment over the course of the academic semester to share our interests in crocheting/knitting, as well as decompress from the stress of school. The club will welcome any kind of student and does not discriminate against skill level in the craft; rather our focus is to bond and share skills related to crocheting!

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Date Established:
President:Mahnoor Ahmed
Vice President:Nicole Swain
Treasurer:Kellyann Cleary
Secretary:Teghan Prospero

Debate Society

Debate Society will provide a structure for students to debate past and current topics or issues. The club will encourage students to actively research and evaluate current problems and present them in a parliamentary style debate.

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President:Aisha Adam Bechir
Vice President:Abdiel Singh
Treasurer:Brayden Curran
Secretary:David Hedquist
Advisor: Andrew Adam Sachs

Drivers Club

We the enthusiasts, in order to form a more perfect car community, seek to promote the continuance of car culture in a safe and accepting environment. We aim to enable students that are interested in cars to experience and learn what it's like to work on cars without physically working on them. We would like to create a network of enthusiasts that can assist each other with any questions regarding cars while sharing experience and advice for a collective learning environment.

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Date Established:
President:Roy Miller
Vice President:Owen Bailey
Treasurer:Edward Janes
Secretary:Jack Faso

Drone Club

This club seeks to introduce students to the creation, coding, and flight of First-Person View Drones (or FPV). Every year there is also a collegiate drone race that takes place with Universities across the US that we will train a team to compete in.

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President:Alex Holden
Vice President:Madelaine Oke
Treasurer:Paige Geraghty
Secretary:Caleb Garver

EDM Club

The purpose of UB EDM Club is to bring together UB undergraduate students with a shared interest in EDM music. This club aims to bring these students together to attend local EDM events such as raves, host workshops so that students interested in music production can collaborate with each other, host weekly events such as album release listening parties or kandi making sessions, and to host our own raves on campus.

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Date Established:
President:Dominick Matarese
Vice President:Trae Alonso
Treasurer:Adrian Syed
Secretary:Mathew Roman

Fashionista Club

The purpose of this club is to showcase our love for fashion. Showcase our photography, makeup, and fashion design skills. Bring body and diversity inclusivity into light within our showcases. Teach about the fashion industry and the good and bad surrounding it. For example, cultural appropriation within clothes. Learn how to sew, draw fashion designs, upscale thrift clothes, and how to model. all of this will bring the students closer together and build up everyone's confidence. Hold events such as runway shows, designing tote bags, decorating jeans, learning how to fashion illustrate, photoshoots, etc. Our meeting will help students destress and get to relax in a harmless and fun environment. We will build a close-knit community that is open for anybody to join. Many people that are interested in fashion are scared to fully commit to it, but with the fashionista club, they can explore and engage with the fashion world in a safe space with no consequences. 

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Date Established:
President:Kahmil Monk George
Vice President:Stephanie Newberger
Treasurer:Emily Rachpaul
Secretary:Catarina Rasizzi

Film Club

Film Club provides a positive and safe atmosphere that brings together students with a shared interest in movies. We aim to learn about and discuss various topics relating to movies and tv shows, such as genres, film history, and movie-making processes. No prior knowledge is necessary.

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Date Established:
President:Evan Delles
Vice President:Colby Mayer
Treasurer:Ethan Delles
Secretary:Lauryn Strothmann

Game Development Club

The purpose of the UB Game Development Club is to provide a space where students can learn about and discuss game design and development, and collaborate on student-led digital media/game projects.

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Date Established:
President:Sam France
Vice President:Eli Zak
Treasurer:Garrison BouchardFerdon
Secretary:Everett Wong


To provide entertainment to the University at Buffalo through music and singing and provide a safe and welcome environment for UB students to learn and hone their musical skills through voice and instrument.

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Date Established:
President:Linh Vu
Vice President:Ekamjot Singh
Treasurer:Breanna Totaro
Secretary:Kallia Hernandez


To explore different form of improvisational theater; to create a relaxed and open creative environment with fellow students and to share improv with the University at Buffalo campus and its surrounding community; above all to foster a sense of fun in our members and audiences. 

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President:Zane Roth
Vice President:Edwin Irizarry
Treasurer:Jacob Murphy
Secretary:Tobias Pfluke

Impulse Dance Force

Impulse Dance Force was founded in the Fall of 2004 by UB Alumni Samantha Sorrentino and Jaime Scheff. After observing a lack of dance classes available to non-dance majors, they sought to create a club that could incorporate any student at any level. Impulse is ran by students and functions much like a dance studio does. Every week we host numerous classes and at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters we put on a showcase for our friends and families. Styles of dance taught include jazz, ballet, pointe, tap, contemporary, modern, lyrical, hip-hop, and more! We welcome dancers of all skill levels! In addition, throughout the semester we host several social events and community service events – all great ways to meet your fellow IDF members and even help your community!

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Vice President:

Irish Dance Club

To practice and learn Irish dance and hopefully perform. Possibly compete against other Irish dance teams in the collegiate Irish dance competitions such as the Villanova dance competition.

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Date Established:
President:Kelly Oniell
Vice President:Alicia Tow
Treasurer:Clara Bennett
Secretary:Quinn Kacur


UB Kickline is a student-run dance club that combines movements of cheerleading and dance in an organized line dance. The club encourages the participation of all UB students to help promote school spirit across UB's campuses, express themselves through dance and meet new people. 

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President:Kiera McHerron
Vice President:Brianna Matthew
Treasurer:Moa Lopez
Secretary:Hailey Getsler

Mock Trial

  1. To promote the reputation of UBMT within the American College Mock Trial community and beyond
  2. To promote interest in Mock Trial at the University at Buffalo
  3. To equip interested and qualified participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive in American Mock Trial Competition

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Location: SU 316
President:Jess Williams
Vice President:Bella LaFreniere
Treasurer:Liam Riter
Secretary:Nathan Upright

Outdoor Adventure Club

The objectives of the OAC are to promote the enjoyment of the outdoors in a variety of venues and activities as well as educate about the aforementioned venues and activities and their associated safety thereof. The OAC will pursue these objectives through regularly scheduled meetings, activities, and projects.

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Location: SU 370
President:Devon Logel
Vice President:
Treasurer:Heidi Eberhardt
Advisor: Russ Crispell, crispell@buffalo.edu, 716-481-5406

Photo Club

To help students explore their creative side through the lens of a camera and share their images with one another.

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Date Established:
President:Garrett Price
Vice President:
Treasurer:Ilsa Kloiber
Secretary:Melese Anderson

Pie Club

The purpose of a Pie Club is to create a community of pie enthusiasts who come together to celebrate and enjoy all things pie-related. This includes organizing pie tastings, sharing baking tips through workshops, exchanging homemade pies, hosting pie contests, and even using their passion for pies to support charitable causes through fundraising activities. Ultimately, Pie Clubs aim to foster a sense of camaraderie among members who share a common love for both sweet and savory pies while enjoying social interactions and culinary exploration.

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Date Established:
President:Dennis Kogos
Vice President:Jaden Hershkowitz
Secretary:Mark Khelemskiy

Poetry Club

The purpose of the club is to offer students a safe space to be creative and share their writing and work on new (poetry) writing.

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Date Established:
President:Ana Paul
Vice President:Gabriella Nakashian
Treasurer:Mary Sperry
Secretary:Liam Yess

Pokemon Club

To bring Pokémon fans together and foster and environment for fans to share their love of Pokémon with each other. As well as facilitate events in the prominent formats of Pokémon, being the video games and the Trading Card Game. Events for other mediums under the Pokémon umbrella will also be represented at smaller scale.

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Date Established:
President:Aidan Cioppa
Vice President:
Treasurer:Anthony Spantiz
Secretary:Donnie Hartel

Stand Up and Laugh

This club will act as our own on-campus stand-up comedy club; with opportunities for workshops and collaboration in building public speaking/performance skills, networking, and collaborating with other like-minded creatives, as well as, strengthen writing skills among members, and most importantly, be comfortable space for students to relax and laugh. 

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Date Established:
President:Amber Manto
Vice President:Lily Watson
Treasurer:Michael Perez
Secretary:Jon Rainer

Step Troupe

Our mission is To uplift the spirit of the University at Buffalo in the form of step and dance techniques. We are a competing step team that performs at events at the University at Buffalo as well as other schools around the area. We also participate in competitions in and out of state. ?

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President:Beata Tutu
Vice President:Ahmya McMillian
Treasurer:Jenna Blanc

Strategists and Role Players Association (SARPA)

In recognition of that historical, simulation, and role-play gaming is practiced by millions, the UB Strategies and Role Players Association exists to unify those gamers attending the State University of New York at Buffalo, and others from the surrounding community. The UB Strategists and Role Players Association will serve as a forum to meet other gamers, so that games, both short and long term, can be organized and enjoyed. 

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Location: SU 303
President:Donnie Hartel
Vice President:Jeremy Rich
Treasurer:Ryan Davidson
Secretary:Joseph Perry

Strength and Power

To promote a healthy and fit lifestyle for any discipline of strength.


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Date Established:
President:Gary Margossian
Vice President:Ash Mallach
Treasurer:Jonathan Wong
Secretary:Heami Jones

UB Musicians

The UB Musicians is where Buffalo's musicians come together to play music and meet other music lovers. In a no-pressure free jam environment, musicians of every caliber can use Jam Club to hone their skills and perform.

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Club E-Mail: ubsa-jam@buffalo.edu
Location: SU 302
President:Matt Nastro
Vice President:Matt Reimer
Treasurer:Michael Chung
Secretary:Eric Aquilina

Volume Up

Volume Up is a karaoke club that gathers undergrads who are interested in singing and having fun. The club aims to provide students with a creative outlet to express themselves and decompress after classes. In addition, the club will expose them to more artists and songs, offering a new perspective into the world of music.

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President:Youmin Park
Vice President:Sandra Lu
Treasurer:Emylia Hallberg
Secretary:Noor Fatima

Women's Fitness Club

The purpose of this group is to support and encourage women looking to engage in different fitness activities like yoga or hiking. While women are the focus of this group, the club is open to anybody willing to participate. Our goal is to build
community and reduce stress through group fitness and other bonding activities.

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Date Established:
President:Erin Piegza
Vice President:Aurora Smith
Treasurer:Jolin Chen

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