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With seven councils and over 170 clubs, there's something for everyone

Academic Council

Our academic clubs allow students to meet other students within their major or topic of interest. These clubs encourage extracurricular learning and networking, host fun events and activities, and often bring in guest speakers to give you a competitive edge on your educational and professional path.

Engineering Council

The Engineering Council dives into the large and diverse field of engineering and offers hands-on experiences with materials being learned in the classroom. In addition to networking, our engineering clubs actively conduct research projects, valuable experiments, and compete in competitions across the nation. Many engineering clubs are nationally recognized, and most notably participates in the National Engineering Week.

Hobby Council

Our Hobby Council represents a wide variety of activities for students to enjoy. Whether you want to continue a passion or learn something new, we have clubs for music, fitness, media production, writing, and plenty more.

P.O.C. Council

The People of Color (P.O.C.) Council celebrates and preserves the cultures of minority populations of America and serves as a unifying faction for the students. These clubs have a very active role in the Buffalo community by engaging in community service, educating beyond UB, and promoting the continuous prosperity of the minority people and their cultures. P.O.C. clubs are united with a common goal: to increase minority representation at the local and state levels

Special Interest Council

The Special Interest Council takes educational, social, cultural, and recreational approaches to various religious, political, and social justice organizations. It also facilitates the interests of students that want to be involved in community service. These clubs showcase their interests through educational meetings, guest speakers, cultural events, and social activities.

International Council

Our International Council is home to many diverse clubs dedicated to celebrating cultures and nationalities from around the globe. These clubs offer you the opportunity and space to appreciate lifestyles and traditions through dance, music, food, language, discourse, and more. This council organizes annual events such as International Fiesta, International Soccer Tournament, and International Iron Chef.

Sports Council

The Sports Council consists of club sports teams that compete against club teams of other universities across the nation. Our sports clubs provide a great opportunity for students who want to enjoy some physical activity and for athletes who don't play at the collegiate level but still want to compete. Many of our sports clubs and club athletes have been nationally ranked.

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