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If you are a UB student interested in a legal consultation, please sign up for one below. Make sure to include your phone number in the appropriate field. Our attorney affiliated with this program, Shaqurah Zachery, will email you at your UB email address prior to the appointment with important information.


Attorneys are available to provide free legal consultations to UB students as follows.


Who Is Eligible to Use This Service:

Only current University at Buffalo students are eligible to use this service. This includes undergraduate and graduate/professional students. Services are free to eligible students.


What Sort of Consultations Are Available:

Consultations are available regarding the following matters:

  • landlord/tenant issues
  • residential lease review
  • traffic
  • criminal
  • student disciplinary
  • estate administration
  • start up business basics
  • family law
  • immigration
  • small claims
  • other civil matters.

These consultations are limited to 1-3 hours per matter. The goal of the program is to provide short and basic free consultations for students (particularly at times of significant need in their lives), and not to provide long-term representation.

Each attorney is also a notary public.


Conflicts Rules

There are some matters this program does not handle, including but not limited to:

  • UB student vs. UB student
  • Student vs. the University (other than student disciplinary)
  • Student vs. any UB student association



Important Warning: Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations may impose a strict deadline on your ability to bring a lawsuit or deal with a potential claim, and therefore, if you believe that you have the basis for a lawsuit or potential claim, you should contact another attorney immediately.