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The Student Association offers a wide range of employment opportunities to undergraduate students. Every April, SA hires staff positions for the upcoming year. These positions allow you to build your resume while gaining hands on experience in the field of your choice. Available jobs range from Bookkeeper to Sound Technician. Take a look at the full list below. The chances are good that we have an opportunity that fits your interests.

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Executive Board
Becky Paul Odionhin
Sammi Pang
Vice President
Alana Lesczynski

Executive Assistants
Will Eaton
Chief of Staff
Sunny Oh
Administrative Assistant

Legislative Representatives

Council Coordinators
Justin Barnes
Sports Council Coordinator
Nicole Culmone
Engineering Council Coordinator

Media and Marketing
Mohrael Attia
Director of Media and Marketing
Joel Marcellus
Assistant Director of Media Production
Bryahna Wright
Graphic Artist
Carol Recinos Luna
Kat Billings
Graphic Artist
Killian Hannigan
Kyle Tsang
Sergio de la Vega
Xiaoyu Shi
Graphic Artist

Miranda Fiore
Director of Entertainment
Zach Shortslef
Assistant Director of Entertainment

Samin Bhuya
Director of Production
Autumn Ragonese
Sound Tech.
Vincent Lin
Sound Tech.

Student Affairs
Cole Fredericks
Assistant Director of Health and Wellness
Emily Fien
Assistant Director of Environmental Affairs

Club Services
Grace McDowell
Assistant Director of Club Services
Jackson Scott
Assistant Director of Club Services

Melissa Romano
Assistant Treasurer for Finance
Alvin Tsang
Andrew Jung

Office Staff
Jasmine Blum
Head Receptionist
Candy Zou
Shantu Barua

Mark RP Sorel
Administrative Director
Amanda Johnson
Associate Administrative Director
Stephen Hagenbuch
Finance Coordinator
Marc Rosenblitt
Entertainment Coordinator

Faculty Student Association (FSA) Student Board