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The Student Association offers a wide range of employment opportunities to undergraduate students. Every April, SA hires staff positions for the upcoming year. These positions allow you to build your resume while gaining hands on experience in the field of your choice. Available jobs range from Bookkeeper to Sound Technician. Take a look at the full list below. The chances are good that we have an opportunity that fits your interests.

Mentee Program

This volunteer program allows you to explore the Student Association while working hand in hand with staff members. Mentees are rotated through several departments so that you are able to learn how SA operates on a practical level while also giving you experience in more than one area. Many of our mentees go on to become members of our staff.


Job Applications for 2019-2020 Academic Year


Job Descriptions for 2019-2020 Academic Year

Executive Board | Executive Assistants | Legislative Representatives | Council Coordinators | Media and Marketing | Entertainment | Production | Student Affairs | Club Services | Finance | Office Staff | Pro-Staff | | Faculty Student Association (FSA) Student Board | SUNY SA Delegates

Executive Board
Nelaje S. Branch
SA President
Sayan Trotman
SA Treasurer
Ghuzlan Alhadad
Vice President

Executive Assistants
Matthew Taboni
Food Pantry Assistant
Daniel Deslippe
Elections and Credentials Chair
Monique Nembhard
Chief of Staff

Legislative Representatives

Council Coordinators
Emma Elliott
Engineering Council
Omar Carrera
Special Interest Council
Saumya Pandey
Academic Council
Justin Barnes
Sports Council
Azriena Jones
POC Council

Media and Marketing
Aanchal Yadav
Public Relations Manager
Bryant A. Mercedes
Chris Hanratty
Head Videographer
Remy Monami
Svetlana M. Bhalla
Victoria F. Faltisco
Head Graphic Artist
Elaine Lin
Director of Media and Marketing
Daniel Ibalio
Kyler Barney
Prasoon Naithani
Graphic Artist
Megan Benzinger
Graphic Artist
Yoli Wu
Head Photographer
Esther Song
Ella Couchman
Mckenna Dziemian
Graphic Artist

Sherey Tan
Head Event Manager
Devonte Tolliver
Event Manager
Reynaldo Rosefort
Director of Entertainment
Victoria Morog
Event Manager

Adarsh Govindarajan
Sound Tech
Davon J. France
Sound Tech
Karan V. Jagasia
Sound Tech
Rebecca E. Stock
Sound Tech
Daniel Bielli
Sound tech
Dre Daniel
Production Director
Halley Sylvester
Sound Tech

Student Affairs
Amber Edwin
Assistant Director of Equity, Diveristy and Inclusion
Olivia Courtney
Assistant Director of Health and Wellness
Viraja Bhosale
Assistant Director of Environmental Affairs

Club Services
Dima M. Abass
Assistant Director of Club Services
Brendan Kelly
Assistant Director of Club Services

Radhika Roy
Assistant Treasurer
Olivier Previl
Assistant Treasurer

Office Staff

Mark RP Sorel
Administrative Director
Amanda Johnson
Associate Administrative Director
Stephen Hagenbuch
Finance Coordinator
Marc Rosenblitt
Entertainment Coordinator
Boi Nghi Perrelli
Finance Assistant

Faculty Student Association (FSA) Student Board
Varnel Fleurisma
Board Member
Hayden Gise
Board Member
Karan Jagasia
Board Member

SUNY SA Delegates

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